Free dyslexia test

Many times the ALC team are asked:



“How do I know if I’m dyslexic?”
“I don’t have all the symptoms, so am I dyslexic?”
“I can read & write ok so am I dyslexic?”
“My spelling’s fine, so I don’t know if I’m dyslexic or not…”
“I haven’t been officially diagnosed as dyslexic so would this program really help me?”


So we figured it was about time we made available to you our free online dyslexia test to help you answer your questions.


Take our informal express test now and see what you find!


With just a few clicks of your mouse, you’ll know how likely it is that you have dyslexia or not. Plus you’ll also receive a copy back to your inbox of your completed questionnaire. How’s that for nifty!


We particularly find the test is helpful for adults who may not have been diagnosed as dyslexic when at school, or have lived with with dyslexia for quite a while and either become used to the way things are and may have developed incredible ways to overcome.



The free online test covers the key 7 area’s:

Vision Reading & Spelling
Hearing & Speech
Writing & Motor Skills
Maths & Time Management
Memory & Cognition
Behaviour, Health, Development & Personality


2 thoughts on “Free dyslexia test

  1. Hi I would be test for dislexia because since a remember I have reading and write now I start having problems speaking too

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