Top 7 Easily Affordable Dyslexia Tools

Best Dyslexia Tools (To Get Ahead Fast)

There’s nothing like a helping hand if you are finding things challenging & the below tools can give you a leg up. Many of them are easily affordable and after a short time you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.


The Dead Easy Spelling Aid App
Spelling has never been my forte, So if you are a fellow poor speller you are going to need to grab this one!


The Self-Help Guide For Teens With Dyslexia
Growing up with Dyslexia is no one’s wish. Thankfully someone else has been there and done it too – better yet, they’ve documented the best path for us.


Memory & Speed Reading Training – Learn Faster
Jim’s Master Class will have your memory licked into shape in next to no time, and all from the comfort of your own arm chair!


Dragon Dyslexia Solutions
Take the struggle out of writing when you choose Dragon Naturally Speaking, by turning your talk into text.


Never miss a word with the pen that not only writes but also records. Check out the video here.


Dyslexie Font
Make reading easy with the free downloadable dyslexia friendly font. Designed for optimal reading comfort.


Specialist Tutoring
There is nothing as reassuring and effective for helping you get on track, than a sympathetic and understanding mentor to guide you over rough terrain. Available both at home and in the centre.



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