The Importance of Good Spelling

Well I think I should start by being extremely honest here and say that my personal spelling ability is not quite as polished as I would like it to be. Therefore I guess I can talk with fairly good authority about the painful pitfalls of being a poor speller!



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Aside from being a core subject, spelling is definitely (or 'defiantly' as many poor spellers would put it, oneself included from time to time!) a very common day to day needed ability. Higher maths, geography, and history are not used as frequently as spelling, affecting so many areas of our lives and as a poor or weak speller this can be limiting.


I wouldn't class myself as a chronic speller, but I have found at times that I've had to spend time hunting around for an alternative word that I do know how to spell, because I didn't have a spell checker to hand. Very frustrating when you may have a wide vocabulary but you're spelling ability isn't able to support it.


Besides lowering your confidence for completing tasks such as writing out cheques or forms for your child's education, it can also give the impression of incompetence and tempt the reader into being distracted by the spelling errors whilst missing your message.


So in order for us to be taken seriously when we write it is very necessary for our spelling and grammar to be squeaky clean. Understandably difficult if you have an untreated dyslexia problem.


Many of our clients come to us with severe spelling issues, including inability to remember spellings learnt and we are pleased to report that a number find the ALC dyslexia program to dispel their spelling troubles. (No pun intended.) They have gone from being kept back on their spelling tests to achieving 17 out of 18 with little or no revision. However we do always advise that it is good to master the ground rules, so a solid foundation is established, off which the rest of the spelling can be based.


Sites such as and offer online games to improve your spelling and may prove beneficial to use after completion of the ALC Program.


Contact us if you or your child has spelling issues, particularly if you have found traditional spelling systems and strategies to be of little or no help.


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