Sebastian 10 years – “It’s just amazing to see the results.”

Name Sebastian
Age 10 Years
Located Bristol
Problem Areas Reading, Spelling, Memory, Confusion of Upper & Lower Case,
Number & Letter Reversals, Concentration, Low Self-Esteem, Maths,
Sore Eyes/Headaches when Reading & Writing,
Finished Program May 2014

Sebastian was really struggling with school work. Although we kept being told that his comprehension was way above his peers, he could not get it down on paper. His spellings were particularly bad, however much he practised it was all gone the next day, even if he had spent 2 hours on them!


Background: Just a few weeks after Sebastian started reception his teacher (a senior SEN) told us that she was going to keep an eye on him for dyslexia or dyspraxia, she said “He hates putting pen to paper.” Just before starting a private Junior school he was assessed by the school and the reports came back that he had dyslexia and probably dyspraxia too, although nothing very clear. He did receive extra help and time, however he was never offered a cure for the problem. He was also bullied, especially in football for his lack of coordination. Every time he had to put answers down on paper it was so hard, yet it wasn’t a problem to do anything practical. He could even confidently wire an electric garage door.


We decided to go for treatment because if there is something that will help your child then you are responsible to try it, even if it means putting off certain things like a new car or kitchen gadget etc… The cost is very high which makes you hesitate for a bit. However if your child had cancer and you were told that there was a very expensive treatment that might help, would you hesitate? I do not regret spending the money, it was money very well spent.


The course was hard work, not so much with the therapist, but you must keep going all day at home with eye exercises. You really need to commit yourself to it 100% before you start – both the child doing it and the adult helping. It is really worth it.


Areas Improved So Far: He took the treatment in the summer term and then it was holidays. After that he started at the Senior School so the improvements weren’t obvious straight away.


Everything at school seems easier. Spelling is the most amazing improvement we’ve noticed. This week he got 100% again, it is the 4th week running. This is fantastic as before it didn’t matter however much he practised it was all gone the next day, even if he had spent 2 hours on them!


Just before the Christmas holidays, his English teacher told him that his first term at the Senior School was a complete success. She noted that not only had he managed to write a whole essay, but that it had no spelling mistakes in the first paragraph!   We also received a post card from the Geography teacher during the holidays, praising Sebastian’s work and encouraging him to keep it up. It is just so amazing to see the results.


You will never regret taking the ALC program. Even if it did not help, you will know that you’ve done everything that you can for your child but if you don’t do it, you will always think “Maybe I should have tried it.”


We saw the teachers last week and although it is all much better than it used to be, they can’t see it, because they’ve only had Sebastian since September and they don’t really want to agree that it is because of the treatment!


Being somewhat dyspraxic, Sebastian improved from being unable to remember many complete words, having untidy formation and no cursive script, to this neat smaller cursive script with a memory of up to 7 words.  After just a  2 week program and a the use of a pen grip.

ALC Handwriting Sample 5