Richard 11 years – “Almost daily headaches.”

Name Richard
Age 11 Years
Located Staffordshire
Problem Areas Poor Memory, Reading Issues, Poor Spelling, Unformed Hand Writing & Letter Reversals, Concentration & Short Attention Span Issues, Low Self-esteem & Confidence Levels, Struggled with Maths
Finished Program January 2014

We are very grateful for this huge change in Richard’s life. It is a problem to know where to start on listing the improvements there have been with him!


Background:  Richard used to complain of headaches almost daily – now he says he rarely gets one. He would also be exhausted at the end of every school day and ready to sleep for 10 or 11 hours now he needs much less sleep than he used to. 6 months after treatment he had an optician’s check-up and found he only needed 2 prisms as opposed to the 6 he used to need. Although his SATS results show that he is still behind the national average and very behind the school average, I feel that he now may be able to catch up. He has been doing Kumon maths for four months now and has moved up two levels and he is buzzed up about carrying it on to improve further. As we live near his primary school we manage to squeeze in ½- 1 hour every morning before school to practice cursive writing and copying, this is paying off and his writing is becoming legible!


Areas Improved So Far: The problem is knowing where to start telling you of improvements that there have been with him!


His spelling still needs a lot of improvement but he can often spot words that he has spelt incorrectly now, even if he is not sure of the actual spelling. He never knew what the homework was before, never had any interest in doing it and mostly couldn’t do it, this has changed and even if I have to help him with it, it is now a different experience altogether.


Two interesting things have happened since his treatment, although we seem to get fresh shocks each week. He went on a pogo stick the other day and he was chuffed that he could actually balance and jump around on it! He said I couldn’t even do one jump on this before!” Very strange yet I believe it must have been the eye treatment.


The other is this week he asked for a sheet of squared paper to make a word search for homework. He filled in words on this squared sheet of paper, one letter per box. The squares were quite small but he did it by himself, included a list of words that they had been given and proceeded to fill the rest of the boxes with other letters. Two of the words had minor spelling mistakes, but he corrected them when I pointed them out. Each letter was in a box. This does not seem a very incredible thing to have done but because I know what he was like before, it is. It would have been impossible for him to copy words and put them in a different format, and the letters would not have been neatly in boxes, they would have been all over the place.


Richard is enjoying the challenge of starting year 7. He is behind academically but he is not the only one in the class who is and together they are receiving extra help. I feel that due to his eye treatment in January he now is able to read & write and take things in so much better than he was before. He has been attending Kumon classes for maths and this is paying off, his teacher is very pleased, because he has started to carry numbers in his head instead of writing down the carries. At the beginning of this year he definitely would not have been able to do this. Although learning is still an uphill struggle for Richard and sometimes it seems daunting, we are very glad he has had this treatment and do not regret a penny of it.


We are very grateful and thankful for this huge change in Richard’s life.