Video Case Studies

Name : Jason
Date : April 2016

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Name Jason
Age  14 years
Located  Harpenden
Problem Areas Preferred not to read at all & couldn’t read at grade level, behaviour problems, difficulty sustaining attention, hyper,  lack of comprehension, spelling phonetic & inconsistent, handwriting illegible, prone to motion sickness, unable to tell the time, extra light sleeper, ">...Read more


Name : Carlin's Story
Date : 16th September 215


Name Carlin
Age  10 years
Located  Norfolk
Problem Areas Preferred not to read, Memory, Comprehension, Spelling, Handwriting, Self-Esteem, Concentration, Understanding Instructions, Maths Comprehension, Reversing Letters and Numbers
Finished Program  August 2014

We were a worried about Carlin, because from really young she wrote a lot of her words back to front. Then when I ...Read more


Name : Isla's Story
Date : 6th June 2015

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Isla was a very active child, whose short concentration span made it difficult for her to stay on track for any period of time. Coupled with finding it hard to take in and retain information, school was increasingly losing its meaning for her.  Listen to how she found a ...Read more


Name : Elon's Story
Date : 4th March 2015

Elon was a bright child whose social skills were helping to mask his academic struggles. However something was keeping Elon from progressing at school like he should have been, but nobody had been able to put their finger on it.  Listen to how he was able to regain a substantial amount of ground in short ...Read more