Jason 14 years – “He’s off his medication now.”

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Name Jason
Age  14 years
Located  Harpenden
Problem Areas Preferred not to read at all & couldn’t read at grade level, behaviour problems, difficulty sustaining attention, hyper,  lack of comprehension, spelling phonetic & inconsistent, handwriting illegible, prone to motion sickness, unable to tell the time, extra light sleeper, trouble with times tables,
Finished Program  April 2016


Jason was slow to sit up at nursery and at pre-school we were told that they were having problems with him and that they wouldn’t go on any school trips unless I went with him.   So as I was working full time, I had to give up work and go ...Read more

Amelie 19 years – “Absolutely the right thing to do.”

Name Amelie
Age 19 Years
Located Somerset
Problem Areas Reading, including reading music, number & letter reversals,  short concentration span, poor comprehension & spelling, motion sickness
Finished Program June 2015

Amelie is a wonderfully polite and sunny natured student. She has a great talent for music and is going on to study violin at Music College in September. Amelie has always needed to put in extra time and effort to achieve academically. At the same time Amelie also needed to invest more time to learn new pieces on her violin, sight-reading having been challenging and tiring for her.


Despite being in the middle of her A Level exams Amelie undertook the two-week treatment program and committed 110% to completing all ...Read more

Aidan & Sterling 14 & 11 years – “Nowhere near his predicted grades.”

Name Aidan & Sterling
Age 14 & 11 Years
Located Hampshire
Problem Areas Sterling – Poor Memory, Poor Vision with Reading issues, Poor Spelling, Letter Reversals, Concentration & Short Attention Span Issues, Low Self-Esteem & Confidence Levels, Struggled with Maths, Motion Sickness,

Aidan – Poor Memory, Poor Vision with Reading Issues, Concentration & Short Attention Span Issues, Struggled With Times Tables, Messy Handwriting

Finished Program April 2014

Like any parent I wanted to see my children succeed in life. I knew both my boys were fit and healthy and far from ‘thick’, yet reports showed there was little effort shown academically and results could definitely have been better. At a Parent-Teacher consultation we were told not to worry that our ...Read more

Liberty 14 years – “They said she was unable to take GCSE’s, but then she achieved 38 grades above predictions!”

Name Liberty
Age 14 Years
Located Dorset
Problem Areas Memory, Reading, Confidence, Low Self-Esteem, Spelling, Concentration, Anxiety, Difficulty with Maths Comprehension,
Finished Program March 2013

Liberty had difficulty in retaining her learning, & needed to regularly go over the same ground to retain it, which was not that easy once her GCSE years had begun. In fact at Junior school, it seemed unlikely that Liberty would be able for GCSE’s. So however did she beat the predictions?



Liberty had difficulty in retaining information and she was a slow and reluctant reader. Also she was lacking in self-confidence, and very worried about getting things wrong & quite negative about her abilities. It was difficult for her to complete an assignment/paper in ...Read more

Ramsay 16 years – “Helped me to be more confident.”

Name Ramsay
Age 16 Years
Located Yorkshire
Problem Areas Working Memory, Spelling Issues, Letter & Number Reversals, Short Concentration Span, Low Self-Esteem,
Finished Program February 2014

Ramsay had limited concentration and we would liked to have seen more depth to his written answers in his schoolwork. Gaining some improvement in his written work was important to us and we also wanted to see some improvement in his reading ability as well.


Background:         We realised when Ramsay was 9 years old that he had learning difficulties as he started to struggle to keep up and teachers began to say “He can write more.” His public school did a dyslexia screening test, however we knew it was also in the ...Read more

Heluska & Hans 16 & 14 years – “Quite a rascal in class.”

Name Heluska & Hans
Age 16 & 14 Years
Located Hampshire
Problem Areas Heluska: Memory, Comprehension, Vision, Spelling, Copying, Short Concentration, Unsettled Behaviour, Low Self-Esteem,

Hans: Comprehension, Memory, Confusion of Upper & Lower Case when Writing, Unsettled Behaviour, Poor Concentration, Trouble Following Instructions, Handwriting

Finished Program December 2013

Hans was being quite a rascal in class, due in part to his inability to concentrate, plus he was struggling with his handwriting. For Heluska it was more that her memory was letting her down in being able to obtain the grades we felt she could achieve.


Background:  Heluska had academic issues. She would get especially frustrated after school. She would come home and let her hair down. A friend who’d had ...Read more

Kain 14 years – “Worth every minute put in.”

Name Kain
Age 14 Years
Located Norfolk
Problem Areas Poor Memory, Sore Eyes When Writing, Poor Spelling, Unformed Hand Writing & Letter Reversals, Concentration & Short Attention Span Issues, Low Self-esteem & Confidence Levels, Struggled with Maths
Finished Program August 2013

The treatment was worth every minute that was put in. After the first two sessions of treatment, Kain spoke of feeling “clear” in his head! If you are looking for great improvement then this course is able to give it.


Background:         Kain has struggled with dyslexia and a certain amount of dyspraxia all his life. He was officially assessed at school when he was 11. After that time he was given SEN support in the school situation, ...Read more

Claire 16 years – “Misdiagnosed as ADHD.”

Name Claire
Age 16 Years
Located Western Australia
Problem Areas Unable to tell the time & time management issues, lacked understanding, high anxiety, low self-esteem, short concentratin span, spelling issues
Finished Program November 2009

Claire was really battling. She was diagnosed in Year 3 as having ADHD by the Educational Psych. Since that time she’d been under the appropriate doctors and medication and over many years received extra tutorial help. Only to be assessed again at the end of Year 10 with comments descriptive of Dyslexia.


Client Background: Despite Claire’s diagnosis of ADHD and being on meds and under doctors, none of this seemed to bring any change and schoolwork just didn’t have any meaning for Claire. The ...Read more