Real Testimonials

Read first hand, the benefits and impact it has made on the lives of those who have undergone the treatment. To protect the identity of all patients pseudonym names have been used.

Dwight 11 yrs – Berkshire 21/04/15

Afternoon Jessie

Just thought you might be interested to have a quick update on Dwight!!!

The biggest change I’d say at the moment is Dwight’s attitude to learning – he’s a lot more willing to try and realises it’s not just all a waste of time.  I really feel he must be feeling some benefit as we don’t have any problems getting him to do the eye exercises.

In his first week back Dwight was star of the day (I wouldn’t say this is unusual) for brilliant guided reading and answering inference questions,  he also remembered the date of a collection we needed to make – this he had only overheard in the shop when I was told…

Dwight was very pleased to tell me he saw for the first time the Microsoft flag on the white board screen saver rippled – before he’d always seen it flat!!!

Last night Dwight was practising division on Sumdog really persevering where before he would have given up…

Over the weekend he had to do homework on his strengths and weaknesses – he realised his weaknesses were writing and spelling and he put he wasn’t sure how to improve but thought practice might help (I’ll send you a copy of his work – very cute!!!)….  This work after being told a few times was completed on his own and handed in on Monday without being told – this is a big change as often after being forced to do the work he would forget to hand it in!!!

Sorry to be so jumbled but hope its makes some sense…

Is there any way I can print off your website copies of the spelling chart and times tables square – Dwights teacher has started using these methods for him and a couple of others at school and I want to continue at home.
Thanks, Zoe

Reading School 19/03/15

I am happy to say that the change in handwriting, concentration and confidence was remarkable. The young man in question completed your programme during a school holiday so the change was immediately noticeable on his return to school. I cannot comment on levels but his participation in group work and work to be displayed was also improved; naturally, this was also a positive step forward.
Mr Daniel Pitt – Senior Teacher – Focus School, Reading Campus

Corin 13 yrs & Rowan 10yrs – Wiltshire 06/03/15

How much did you bribe the maths teacher?
I can’t believe this. Mr Torren, the boys least favourite, fiery Romanian maths te‎acher, has written the following in their homework diaries:

Rowan (or Corin in his) had a very good week. He did not need the TAs help and he put a lot of effort in during lessons. Well done.

Is this a fluke? We await with interest!
(Therapist note: 1 week after treatment)

Lorne 16yrs – East Anglia 26/01/15

Lorne 16yrs – East Anglia 26/01/15

We would like to thank you for your time and effort. We have just had Lorne’s parent interview…….. Wow! He is putting so much more effort in and the results are showing. He came top of the class in French reading, and got to A* in English, The teacher said she could find no fault in the essays and wished he had written the ‘next chapter’.

His headteacher made a comment to me yesterday; “Lorne is doing well, great results a lot better than the rest of his year!!” He had also made the same comment to the Governors. This is after a week of mock exams when he didn’t do any revision!


Maria 22yrs – Essex 14/01/15

Thank you for the treatment!

Just wanted you to know the change I have noticed –

  • More Confident
  • Managed to make a budget – whereas before there was a blockage and it made managing money difficult
  • Mum noticed piano playing was more fluent
  • Reading is fine
  • More Stamina

I think, for me, the treatment worked almost straight away, these changes were apparent within a month of treatment.

Well done and thank you!

Colin 16yrs Manchester – 11/09/14

Hello Jo and Jessie

Just a bit of feed-back as to Colin’s progress.

Half way through your course we had to dash back to school for CAT tests. The results of these came back during the holidays saying that Colin is capable of either A’s, B’s or C’s in every GCSE. We’d had argued this point many times with the school but owing to his difficulties they had never agreed to allow him to try. We now have a new Head teacher who says he should be given every opportunity to achieve his goals.

During the holiday whilst doing his ‘catch-up’ and homework, Colin had to read a book called ‘The Night Runner’. He came dashing through to me absolutely delighted one day to say he’d read it from ‘cover to cover’. This is the first time he has ever read this amount of text in one sitting without having to rest his eyes.

All told – a fair amount of progress in a short space of time!

Chantelle & Caris – 13yrs 18/07/14

Thank you very much for your time spent on the twins – Chantelle & Caris.

Their music teacher was over whelmed by their progress over the last two weeks, he really was, he said it’s made his teaching not so hard, and he said whatever you’ve done with the girls has helped their concentration, and made them more focused.

A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU BOTH. What good news.

Update 9 months later:

“Just a quick e-mail to inform you of how well the girls performed in their recent maths tests. Chantelle gained a 6A and Caris 6B, these are excellent results showing good understanding of the topics covered this term.

Their SEN targets for this term have also been achieved – they both performed excellent spelling and dictations today.

Please praise them both for their achievements.”


Aaron 27yrs – Northampton 21/05/14

All is going well. I do not have regular headaches now. Also I have a lot more energy now and do not feel so tired when I get home from work. Reading is definitely easier.


Reggie 11yrs – Hereford 10/05/14

Just to let you know Reggie got Role of Honour today for ‘an outstanding result in his mock Maths!’ He was told he was one mark off a 4a and he had been predicted a 3b by July 2014 which he had achieved just before the end of term.


Kye 9yrs – Hereford 09/05/14

Kye has NEVER had a certificate for ‘Handwriting’ effort!!!! This week he received a Star of the Week Certificate – awarded for good effort in lessons and working hard on your handwriting.


Kelvin 10yrs – Waterlooville 17/08/13

Thanks again for everything – I am so pleased today, Kelvin has been sitting at the table for over an hour now doing a airfix model which was given to him as a present over a year ago and he has never been able to do more than 10 minutes without frustration and did not ever appear to be able to follow instructions. He seems to be enjoying it too – which helps on a rainy day!


Charles 28yrs – Luton 18/07/13

Yep, we have been seriously struggling at work and this has helped me to clarify my thoughts to the point where I don’t have to “think to think”.

As a result I have been able to hold a 3hrs long key crisis meeting this morning and not lose focus or lose my cool because I can’t put across a decent debate.


Juggernath 40 yrs – Mauritius 14/10/15

Dear Jessie,

Juggernath is more confident in general. His determination to persevere has brought positive results. There has been a noticeable change in the turn of his eyes after one and a half month of regular eye exercises. His spellings have improved.

The exercises in the booklet gave him new techniques while reading, writing and spelling. This treatment is definitely recommended for those with dyslexia and lazy eye.

Thank You once more Jessie.


Vishal Jagutpal

From Mauritius

Jermaine 13 yrs – Norfolk 12/05/15

As a result of doing your course Jermaine has gone from being bottom at maths to being top. He’s well pleased with himself. He said it makes him much more motivated in all school work!

Jerry & Emma 14yrs – Milton Abbey School Dorset 06/03/15

Yesterday, we gave Jerry and Emma a parallel reading test to the one they did in September. Jerry’s reading age has gone from 5.06 to 7.06. Emma’s has gone from 6.02 to 10.03.

Everyone is very pleased. We have reminded them and their house staff to continue with their exercises.
Many thanks,
Ruth – Head of Learning Support – Milton Abbey School

Certainly Jerry and Emma have made significant progress and their enhanced and improved sense of self-esteem is evident.  I would be hesitant to ascribe all of their progress to your programme, but it has been a positive and productive process for both of them.
Magnus – Headmaster – Milton Abbey School

Jay 25 yrs – Germany 19/01/15

Thanks very much – it definitely was worth it – I can feel the change

  • Better time comprehension
  • Things are just easier to complete
  • I feel much more normal

And many more things – I think they are getting better while time goes on.

I am trying to keep up the card exercises. Sometimes 3 – sometimes 4 times a day.

Thanks for your great help!

Farley – 8yrs Norfolk 12/09/14

Farley has surprised herself this week! – Not only remembering things i.e. her address without any prompting, but also she was easily able to do some homework that she at first had refused to do because she thought it was far too hard!

So, all in all it has been well worth it!

Amy – 51yrs Lancashire 08/09/14

The course is brilliant. I can write emails that make sense (i.e. not leaving out half the necessary information), and am not so confused.

Last week I cleared out all the kitchen cupboards and really enjoyed it, then another room, sounds a bit crazy but my head just feels so much clearer. Also, my daughter was away, I did the menu for some entertaining we were doing, (I had normally let her do it as she really enjoys doing it) and I didn’t have any problem with reading the recipes (i.e. didn’t leave out any of the ingredients) and enjoyed doing the menu which was a totally different menu from what we normally do.

Rowel – 14yrs Waterlooville 06/08/14

I just have to tell you that since Rowel was a small child organising her and her bedroom has been a terrible nightmare! Every time it was tidied it was the same again within a week – now guess what? She hasn’t completed the treatment yet and she sat and did her homework then hey presto spent the rest of the day tiding her room! – I mean properly! I couldn’t believe it!

Talisha 35yrs – Lowestoft 20/07/14

I have seen good progress. My headaches that I used to get have gone. They were like cloudy headaches all the time.

My driving is much easier. I don’t feel like everything is coming so close to me anymore, also I find it easier getting into spaces and reversing. I could never make my finger nails grow before this treatment, now I can.

I have also been able to fill in school forms by myself, whereas before I would have waited for my husband to help me. I will also write cheques without worrying about it now. My spelling is much better, but I still have a lot more to learn. I am doing things that before I thought I could not do. I find it much easier talking to people and thinking what to say next. Before I would have thought what I should have or wanted to say, after I had finished talking to them. I am also reading now, not listening to audio books, although I don’t manage a whole book yet.  I feel as if I can cope better with entertaining friends. I feel that I can cope better in general.

From Talisha’s Mother…
Thanks ever so much for what you have done for Talisha.
I’m still trying to take in that after all these years we’ve finally got somewhere!
Ever since she’s been in school I’ve always kept an eye for anything that might help her and she’s tried so hard to help herself. It’s the first time I’ve seen her write ‘having’ without an e in it!

Dean 12yrs & Barry 11yrs – South Wales 03/07/14

Dean completed Maths & Geography test and achieved excellent marks – (2nd from top – which is quite an achievement!!!!) I was very surprised and encouraged how he stuck at his revision and catching up work. Dean finds reading a lot easier and when questioning him last week…. how, why what is different he said – well I can only see one line now! – So we asked him what he used to see and he replied he could always see the line below what he was trying to read!!!!!

His piano teacher often gets very frustrated, says he isn’t reading/following the music, but after session 2 into the course she was praising & very pleased with him. After the piano lesson I asked what was different – he replied “My eyes just followed the music.”!!

Barry also has had an ‘excellent reading’ from his SEN teacher, written in his book record, which he has never had before! Barry is now reading a chapter a night of his reading book instead of struggling with 2 pages!

Harland 10yrs – Winchester 05/10/13

Yes; things are looking very positive………….!

The teachers were very enthused and said he has moved up 2 levels on spelling, concentration is stacks better and his written comprehension work excellent.

I think things are still improving and he is taking much more interest in his work……………..thanks Jo for helping him find his confidence again and achieving results that he didn’t think he could achieve!!

Christopher 51yrs – South Australia 29/11/00

“I remember being sent home from Primary school with reports of being lazy or inattentive during class. The hospital psychological unit said “he is not stupid and we can find nothing wrong with your child, he is very bright”.

Yet I encountered extreme difficulty reading. By the age of 50 I had only read 1 book in my life, most of the time I’d scan for key words and then try to piece things together.

My handwriting was always an almost unreadable scrawl in a mixture of upper and lower case. I couldn’t write on unlined paper and if I tried to read, the line would blur or run into the line above, causing me to start to read the line again. Plus I would NOT understand what I had read.


Since the treatment I am now reading a book a week, and how’s this, I can even remember the story as my wife Kay asks me questions about it. As you said to me, I would have a whole new world open up, and from my point it has and is filled with adventure and excitement! I have no doubt that over the coming weeks and months there will be many more advantages discovered.”