Isla 6 years – “She wasn’t writing at all.”

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Isla was a very active child, whose short concentration span made it difficult for her to stay on track for any period of time. Coupled with finding it hard to take in and retain information, school was increasingly losing its meaning for her.  Listen to how she found a new meaning to learning in just two sessions of treatment.

Name Isla
Age 6 Years
Located Bath – Somerset
Problem Areas Reading Issues, Spelling, Clarity of Vision, Working Memory, Writing/Handwriting, Maths, Concentration Span, Copying, Confusion of Left & Right, Number & Letter Reversals, Difficulty Remembering Instructions, Unable to Write in a Straight Line Without Guides
Anxiety & Frustration Levels, ...Read more

Rebecca 6 years – “I hate school.”

Name Rebecca
Age 6 Years
Located West Midlands
Problem Areas Reading, Spelling, Memory, Handwriting, Concentration, Frustration & Anxiety Levels, Self Esteem
Finished Program July 2014

Rebecca said she hated school. Friends would ask “How are you getting on at school Rebecca, do you like it?” “No I hate it.” would be the reply.


Background: Before she went to school everyone thought she would be fine, tall for her age with a large vocabulary and plenty of self-confidence, you wouldn’t have thought Rebecca would have any problems.


On advice from others we had already taken Rebecca to see a doctor who specialized in children with ADHD and learning difficulties. He did loads of tests and said that Rebecca had a ...Read more

Alexander 7 years – “Reads like an angel now.”

Name Alexander
Age 7 Years
Located Australia
Problem Areas Vision Issues, Reading Issues, Poor Handwriting & Formation, Trouble Remembering the Alphabet, Clumsy, Low Self-Esteem, Poor Memory, Spelling Issues
Finished Program August 2013

This is a short history of my journey with my son. My search to find an Angel like you was long and at times emotionally draining but I am eternally grateful that I stayed firm in my belief that someone, somewhere had the answer to what I was searching for.


Client Background: At the end of Year 4 Alexander said to me “The words wobble on the board”. This was the first sign that something was not quite right. It was also however a sign of ...Read more