Carlin 10 years – “In 10 or 20 years’ time, would we regret the fact we hadn’t done it?”


Age 10 years
Located Norfolk
Problem AreasPreferred not to read, Memory, Comprehension, Spelling, Handwriting, Self-Esteem, Concentration, Understanding Instructions, Maths Comprehension, Reversing Letters and Numbers
Finished Program August 2014

We were a worried about Carlin, because from really young she wrote a lot of her words back to front. Then when I went to Specsavers to have her eyes tested, just a routine check-up, her eyes were actually fine, but the optician said to me “Have you ever had her tested for dyslexia?” Because she read all the letters on the chart back to front. She read the whole chart back to front, she started from the right and read across to ...Read more

Elon 11 years – “He would run a mile rather than read a book.”

Elon was a bright child whose social skills were helping to mask his academic struggles. However something was keeping Elon from progressing at school like he should have been, but nobody had been able to put their finger on it.  Listen to how he was able to regain a substantial amount of ground in short space of time.

Age11 Years
Problem AreasSpelling, Clarity of Vision, Memory, Writing/Handwriting, Maths, Concentration,
Anxiety & Frustration Levels, Self Esteem, Comprehension,
Finished ProgramJuly 2014

Elon’s Mum: He would be in tears halfway through homework and he would say “I can’t do it. They haven’t taught us this at school. I’ve never heard of ...Read more

Orla 10 years – “She won ‘SUPREME Most Improved Student’!”

Age10 Years
Problem AreasSpelling, Clarity of Vision, Memory, Writing/Handwriting, Maths, Concentration, Anxiety & Frustration Levels, Self Esteem
Finished ProgramJuly 2014

Hello Jessie


Thanks for the birthday card you sent Orla.  It has been rather difficult to assess Orla’s progress as her teacher is off sick ...Read more

Aidan & Sterling 14 & 11 years – “Nowhere near his predicted grades.”

NameAidan & Sterling
Age14 & 11 Years
Problem AreasSterling – Poor Memory, Poor Vision with Reading issues, Poor Spelling, Letter Reversals, Concentration & Short Attention Span Issues, Low Self-Esteem & Confidence Levels, Struggled with Maths, Motion Sickness,

Aidan – Poor Memory, Poor Vision with Reading Issues, Concentration & Short Attention Span Issues, Struggled With Times Tables, Messy Handwriting

Finished ProgramApril 2014

Like any parent I wanted to see my children succeed in life. I knew both my boys were fit and healthy and far from ‘thick’, yet reports showed there was little effort shown academically and results could definitely have been better. At a Parent-Teacher consultation we were told not to worry that our ...Read more

Anika – 12 years “Low self-esteem, always bottom of the class.”

Age12 Years
Problem AreasReading Issues & preferred not to read, Read & Re-read without comprehending, Spelling issues, trouble retaining even after considerable practice, Working Memory Issues – shown in things like inability to copy text a sentence at a time,  & inability to copy accurately, Confused capital and lowercase letters in sentences, reversed numbers & letters, Unable to write in a straight line without guidelines, Unsettled behaviour, short concentration span, Low self-esteem & confidence, called herself “dumb”, “stupid” or said “I can’t do it,” Difficulty with verbal instructions, preferred written, Not familiar with times tables, Maths comprehension questions were difficult,
Finished ProgramJanuary 2014

Anika was diagnosed in 2010 by Anne Mitchell (an ...Read more

Ted – 8 years “He was 18 months behind.”

Age8 Years
Problem AreasIncorrect pen grip, Started a stammer at age of 3, White paper stood out and hurt eyes, Struggled to read & preferred not to read, Poor comprehension, Struggled with spelling, Unable retain spelling words, Trouble with copying text, Confused capital & lower letters in a sentence, Not able to write in a straight line without guidelines, Poor concentration, Low self-esteem, Issues with verbal instructions, Sore eyes/headaches if read/wrote for a long time,
Finished ProgramJuly 2013

Ted hadn’t enjoyed school, and wasn’t motivated to learn. But he was our first child and a “boy”, so we didn’t worry too much. In Year 3 we found out that Ted was 18 ...Read more

Olivia – 10 years “Everyday life was a struggle, particularly school days.”

Age10 Years
LocatedGreater London
Problem AreasPoor Reading Comprehension, Low Self-Esteem,
Day Dreamer, Anxious, Lack of Confidence, Auditory Processing Problems, Mis-pronounced words even after constant correction, Read only simple books
and preferred not to read at all, then struggled to understand or recall what
was read, preferred not to re-read to understand or answer questions, but provide irrelevant answers, Working Memory Issues, Slow Copying, Unsettled behaviour, short attention span, Low Self-Esteem, Struggled to follow verbal instructions, Preferred Simple written instructions, Used medication to help sleeping,
Finished ProgramOctober 2013

Everyday life was a struggle for Olivia, particularly school days, yet to most, even teachers, this would have gone unnoticed but her behaviour at home was ...Read more

Sebastian 10 years – “It’s just amazing to see the results.”

Age10 Years
Problem AreasReading, Spelling, Memory, Confusion of Upper & Lower Case,
Number & Letter Reversals, Concentration, Low Self-Esteem, Maths,
Sore Eyes/Headaches when Reading & Writing,
Finished ProgramMay 2014

Sebastian was really struggling with school work. Although we kept being told that his comprehension was way above his peers, he could not get it down on paper. His spellings were particularly bad, however much he practised it was all gone the next day, even if he had spent 2 hours on them!


Background: Just a few weeks after Sebastian started reception his teacher (a senior SEN) told us that she was going to keep an eye on him for dyslexia or ...Read more

Max & Harmony 10 & 9 years – “Worth every single penny.”

NameMax & Harmony
Age10 & 9 Years
Problem AreasMax: Behaviour Problems at home, Terrible Spelling, Comprehension Memory,
Poor Concentration, High Anxiety & Frustration Levels, Difficulty with Maths,
Headaches & Sore Eyes if Reading for a period of time

Harmony: Struggling to Read & Write, very behind in Maths, Lacking Confidence
& Poor Self-Esteem, Vision Issues – words moved all over the place, Awful Spelling,
Poor Memory, Confusion with Letters & Reversals, Unable to write straight without guidelines, Unsettled Behaviour & Short Attention Span, Headaches & Sore Eyes if Reading for a period of time, Tires very quickly

Finished ProgramDecember 2013

Harmony had some tests at school which revealed that she was borderline dyslexic and ...Read more

Richard 11 years – “Almost daily headaches.”

Age11 Years
Problem AreasPoor Memory, Reading Issues, Poor Spelling, Unformed Hand Writing & Letter Reversals, Concentration & Short Attention Span Issues, Low Self-esteem & Confidence Levels, Struggled with Maths
Finished ProgramJanuary 2014

We are very grateful for this huge change in Richard’s life. It is a problem to know where to start on listing the improvements there have been with him!


Background:  Richard used to complain of headaches almost daily – now he says he rarely gets one. He would also be exhausted at the end of every school day and ready to sleep for 10 or 11 hours now he needs much less sleep than he used to. 6 months ...Read more