Real Stories

Jason 14 years – “He’s off his medication now.”

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Name Jason
Age  14 years
Located  Harpenden
Problem Areas Preferred not to read at all & couldn’t read at grade level, behaviour problems, difficulty sustaining attention, hyper,  lack of comprehension, spelling phonetic & inconsistent, handwriting illegible, prone to motion sickness, unable to tell the time, extra light sleeper, trouble with times tables,
Finished Program  April 2016


Jason was slow to sit up at nursery and at pre-school we were told that they were having problems with him and that they wouldn’t go on any school trips unless I went with him.   So as I was working full time, I had to give up work and go ...Read more

Rama 31 years – “Driving is easier as I’m not so tired any more.”

Name Rama
Age 31 Years
Located Avon
Problem Areas Reading – preferred not to, Comprehension, Unable to write in a straight line, Low Self-esteem, Concentration, Copying, Handwriting, Panics, Processing, Maths Comprehension, Sore Eyes & Headaches when Reading, Putting thoughts into Words, Time Management, Fuzzy Distance Vision, Losing Place & Jumping Lines when Reading, Poor 3D Vision
Finished Program September 2015


When Rama enrolled on the ALC program he was very self-conscious & really hoped that others enrolled on the program would not notice him due to his low self-esteem. He told very few he was attending the program. He tended to panic when he was given something new to do. His high anxiety & frustrating vision issues ...Read more

Aurelia 22 years – “I’ve progressed up the company tree.”

Name Aurelia
Age 22 Years
Located Scotland
Problem Areas Memory, Self Esteem, Confidence, Instructions, Maths Comprehension, Processing,
Finished Program January 2015

When Aurelia enrolled on the ALC program it wasn’t altogether clear where her struggles lay. Like many girls with dyslexia she was doing a marvellous job of masking her challenges with her ingenious compensatory strategies.

So when 9 months after treatment she wrote the following email we were just about as blown over as she was!



Hello Jessie,


I really struggle to put in words what sort of changes have come about… there are things that I used to really struggle to do, and now I do them without thinking about it.  I will give you a few examples.

I normally ...Read more

Dustin 28 years – “The list of improvements is endless.”

Name Dustin
Age 28 Years
Located Scotland
Problem Areas Reading/Vision Issues – words fuzzy & 3D, Spelling, Working Memory, Comprehension, Unable to write in a straight line, Low Self Esteem, Short Concentration, Copying, Confused Left & Right, Times Tables, Handwriting, Time Management, Processing
Finished Program May 2015

Shortly after I married Dustin I noticed that he was struggling in many ways.


Some of the most noticeable things were his hesitation when making a decision or answering a question, and how often he was distracted mid-conversation or when reading.


I had met dyslexia back in my home country Australia, where in my brothers had taken the ALC program.


So after finding out that ALC was actually available within the UK as well, I ...Read more

Amelie 19 years – “Absolutely the right thing to do.”

Name Amelie
Age 19 Years
Located Somerset
Problem Areas Reading, including reading music, number & letter reversals,  short concentration span, poor comprehension & spelling, motion sickness
Finished Program June 2015

Amelie is a wonderfully polite and sunny natured student. She has a great talent for music and is going on to study violin at Music College in September. Amelie has always needed to put in extra time and effort to achieve academically. At the same time Amelie also needed to invest more time to learn new pieces on her violin, sight-reading having been challenging and tiring for her.


Despite being in the middle of her A Level exams Amelie undertook the two-week treatment program and committed 110% to completing all ...Read more

Orla 10 years – “She won ‘SUPREME Most Improved Student’!”

Name Orla
Age 10 Years
Located Stockport
Problem Areas Spelling, Clarity of Vision, Memory, Writing/Handwriting, Maths, Concentration, Anxiety & Frustration Levels, Self Esteem
Finished Program July 2014

Dyslexia Treatment
Hello Jessie


Thanks for the birthday card you sent Orla.  It has been rather difficult to assess Orla’s progress as her teacher is off sick with cancer, and also the SEN teacher left after having a similar diagnosis.  Both these two members of staff really knew Orla the best, particularly before her course.


Having said all that, at the end of last term we had ...Read more

Aidan & Sterling 14 & 11 years – “Nowhere near his predicted grades.”

Name Aidan & Sterling
Age 14 & 11 Years
Located Hampshire
Problem Areas Sterling – Poor Memory, Poor Vision with Reading issues, Poor Spelling, Letter Reversals, Concentration & Short Attention Span Issues, Low Self-Esteem & Confidence Levels, Struggled with Maths, Motion Sickness,

Aidan – Poor Memory, Poor Vision with Reading Issues, Concentration & Short Attention Span Issues, Struggled With Times Tables, Messy Handwriting

Finished Program April 2014

Like any parent I wanted to see my children succeed in life. I knew both my boys were fit and healthy and far from ‘thick’, yet reports showed there was little effort shown academically and results could definitely have been better. At a Parent-Teacher consultation we were told not to worry that our ...Read more

John 80 years – “He was shy and reclusive.”

Name John
Age 80 Years
Located Somerset
Problem Areas Words looked 3D, Unable to copy quickly, Unsettled & Fidgety behaviour, Short Concentration Span, Trouble with Verbal Instructions, Sore Eyes & Headaches when Reading or Writing for a long time, Poor 3D Vision,
Finished Program October 2014

John had seen the results of the ALC program in his grandchildren & friends and was determined that after 80 years of battling with his own dyslexia he wanted to take the program to improve his own abilities.


Background: He took the program as he hoped to see some improvement in his peripheral vision when driving, as well as addressing his reading issues. Being at school during the war meant that his ...Read more

Anika – 12 years “Low self-esteem, always bottom of the class.”

Name Anika
Age 12 Years
Located Staffordshire
Problem Areas Reading Issues & preferred not to read, Read & Re-read without comprehending, Spelling issues, trouble retaining even after considerable practice, Working Memory Issues – shown in things like inability to copy text a sentence at a time,  & inability to copy accurately, Confused capital and lowercase letters in sentences, reversed numbers & letters, Unable to write in a straight line without guidelines, Unsettled behaviour, short concentration span, Low self-esteem & confidence, called herself “dumb”, “stupid” or said “I can’t do it,” Difficulty with verbal instructions, preferred written, Not familiar with times tables, Maths comprehension questions were difficult,
Finished Program January 2014

Anika was diagnosed in 2010 by Anne Mitchell (an ...Read more

Amy 51 years – “We could read quicker than mum.”

Name Amy
Age 51 Years
Located Lancashire
Problem Areas Able to read, but preferred not to read at all, Read with little comprehension, When reading would miss out words, or jump across lines, Poor spelling, Couldn’t copy text quickly or accurately, Unsettled and fidgety behaviour, Short Concentration Span, Low Self-esteem – saying things like “I’m dumb.” or “I’m stupid.” or “I just can’t do it.”,
Finished Program July 2014

On the outside, Amy led a seemingly “normal” life, as a mother of 2 grown up children. However her family will tell you that, that wasn’t quite the full picture.

Background: Ever since I can remember, my mum (Amy) seemed almost crippled with a condition known as dyslexia. To ...Read more