Ramsay 16 years – “Helped me to be more confident.”

Name Ramsay
Age 16 Years
Located Yorkshire
Problem Areas Working Memory, Spelling Issues, Letter & Number Reversals, Short Concentration Span, Low Self-Esteem,
Finished Program February 2014

Ramsay had limited concentration and we would liked to have seen more depth to his written answers in his schoolwork. Gaining some improvement in his written work was important to us and we also wanted to see some improvement in his reading ability as well.


Background:         We realised when Ramsay was 9 years old that he had learning difficulties as he started to struggle to keep up and teachers began to say “He can write more.” His public school did a dyslexia screening test, however we knew it was also in the family. He struggled with written work and reading in general. He just felt like he couldn’t do any more or write enough. We had tried coloured lenses for reading from a local optician that specialises with dyslexia, but didn’t find that they helped over much. Then family and friends heard about the ALC program and recommended it to us.


It is very intensive, and quite tiring. A younger child might struggle with all the written work. The cost of it is average to high, although I don’t have any other programs to compare it to. It did help with his spellings and memorising, although I think anyone would improve with the intensiveness of the treatment.


 Areas Improved So Far: We were totally satisfied with the outcome of the treatment. It has given Ramsay more confidence. He comments: “I passed all my GCSE’s with scoring anything between an A to a C, which has set me in good stead for my AS & A level’s and employment.” He doesn’t like me to boast about his GCSE results, however it was very much touch and go whether he got a C or D for English Literature and French. (We actually thought it was daft him doing French when he struggled to do English.) So we were very pleased when he passed both these with a C. (It was worth doing after all!!)


His results were as follows:

Maths A – (6 marks off an A*)
Graphics A
English Language B
Geography B
History B
Further Maths B
Citizenship B
Science C
Additional Science C
English Literature C
French C


Further Maths was extra to the usual 10 that the school put them in for. Whilst he does qualify for 25% extra time in exams, due to slow processing, he made use of this mostly, but didn’t use a laptop or have a scribe as he could have done. He has already completed Level 1 in Business English and received a First Class Pass. We’ve also noticed better spelling and concentration too.


He was away recently and had to do his first stint of public speaking, and his Uncle said you wouldn’t have known it was his first time. His father said he actually did better than he does himself!!


We saw progress straight away. We would recommend the program as it really helped to boost his confidence and concentration. The school have noticed that he has better depth to his written answers, although this is still a target on his IEP (Individual Educational Plan). We’ve continued with the eye exercises.


Ramsay says “The treatment has helped me to be more confident. Written work is still a test but I find I can write more than previously and am learning skills doing my AS levels for writing in more depth as many questions require this in Year 12 & 13 studies. I am thankful to say I passed all my GCSE’s and whilst I didn’t get 11 A*’s I am happy that I did my best and am grateful to ALC for the treatment which I’m sure helped me achieve these results.”