Rama 31 years – “Driving is easier as I’m not so tired any more.”

Name Rama
Age 31 Years
Located Avon
Problem Areas Reading – preferred not to, Comprehension, Unable to write in a straight line, Low Self-esteem, Concentration, Copying, Handwriting, Panics, Processing, Maths Comprehension, Sore Eyes & Headaches when Reading, Putting thoughts into Words, Time Management, Fuzzy Distance Vision, Losing Place & Jumping Lines when Reading, Poor 3D Vision
Finished Program September 2015


When Rama enrolled on the ALC program he was very self-conscious & really hoped that others enrolled on the program would not notice him due to his low self-esteem. He told very few he was attending the program. He tended to panic when he was given something new to do. His high anxiety & frustrating vision issues seemed to be his largest challenges, yet the first also to show improvement which was very motivating for him.


Halfway through the program Rama’s confidence starting showing signs of improving. By the end of the course he shared that at work he was able to respond quicker & therefore have more confidence to contribute at meetings. As opposed to thinking afterwards of what he could have said.



When he attempted to draw he knew what he wanted to do with the pen, but could never do it and this made him terrified of his children asking him to draw pictures. Also angles were always a bother to him, when doing practical work such as cutting wood. No matter how much he measured it beforehand, once cut it just didn’t fit.




Early on in the course Rama overheard another user of the program sharing how they were now able to read something, take it in, remember it & then be able to share it with others. This was something that Rama had longed to do too.


Halfway through the program he came into a session with a big smile on his face – he was very pleased because he could now read first thing in the morning & last thing at night without going to sleep. Previously he used to have to sit up in a hard chair, at a desk, with the door shut (free of distractions) to enable him to read. This is certainly not the case now, as he happily reads in a very relaxed position – in his bed!


Rama used to time himself when he was reading to see how quickly he could push himself to read a page of a book. Until recently his record was 2mins 10 seconds. However he now easily reads a page in 1min 30 seconds & is able to remember what he has read. His previous record was purely just for having said he’d read the page & did not include comprehension. He also shared that he was now able to read a chapter reading in one sitting – the first time he had ever managed to do so.


He has also found that he is starting to read road signs – rather than relying solely on his SatNav. He definitely doesn’t dislike reading in the way that he used to & he doesn’t have the same issue with words moving around anymore or have sore eyes & headaches when reading.



He also found that he was able to remember numbers & digits more easily. Citing an example of being on the phone to HMRC & remembering more of the codes he needed to quote.



From early on in the program Rama was emphatic that he was going to change the way he held his pen when writing & worked hard on this. He was rewarded for his efforts as he changed from using PRINT to a neat cursive script. He attended a seminar during the time he was on the program & found he was able to make better notes & his wife had been able to read them!   Also being able to write in a straight line when using plain paper is now no longer an issue for him.



By the end of the program Rama & his wife shared that they both felt driving was now easier for him as he was not feeling so tired any more. Many times Rama’s tiredness was a bane to him – causing him to fall asleep mid Saturday morning when playing with his sons on the floor in the lounge or in the living room when out socialising with friends. It was also a concern for his wife when he was driving. This having changed was particularly useful for Rama, as part of his role at work involved driving a considerable distance each week. Additionally instead of needing his normal 7 cups of coffee a day, he could now get by on just 2!


He also found that once he had completed the program he was no longer so sensitive to noise, which was very helpful as he had lively young children. Additionally his concentration span was also a lot better. Not only that, his stress levels dropped too. He didn’t panic nearly as much, which was something that would happen a lot previously. He hated talking on the phone & found afterwards that it doesn’t seem to bother him the same any more.


Despite Rama’s initial dislike of art, he actually produced some exceptional pieces during his time completing the program. Putting effort & creativity into them. We are sure that as he continues to try his hand at drawing, he will amaze himself with what he is able to do. We are also looking forward to hearing how Rama gets on with his next job around the home that involves cutting angles.


Rama was never afraid to push himself & was very willing to give things a go. Many times doing more than required and pushing himself out of his comfort zone to fulfil every request, ensuring he got the very maximum he could out of the program.


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