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Let’s do some maths.

Given that your lifetime cost of putting your child in private education these days is around £271,000 (national average) can you afford to have your child lagging behind in their grades?

However if as a result of attending a 2 week course of eye correct therapy, at a one off investment cost of less than 1% of your child’s lifetime of education, your child could get ahead and succeed at school – wouldn’t that be something worth truly considering?

Wouldn’t you prefer to spend time planning your child’s future employment or start up business rather than finding and booking private after hours tuition for next term?

Say nothing of have saved yourself paying for medication and doctors’ fees for health complications such as anxiety, frustration, depression, during their teen years as they struggled to make the grade.

And we have not even talked about the whole employment scenario. Could they now make the top 10 list of entrepreneurs this year??
















Business Training Expense

Please note that if you are an adult in employment, and your employer is happy to pay for your program, they can claim this as a business training expense.

If you wish to do this please provide us with company details for invoicing purposes.

Taking the Pain out of Dyslexia

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