Orla 10 years – “She won ‘SUPREME Most Improved Student’!”

Name Orla
Age 10 Years
Located Stockport
Problem Areas Spelling, Clarity of Vision, Memory, Writing/Handwriting, Maths, Concentration, Anxiety & Frustration Levels, Self Esteem
Finished Program July 2014

Dyslexia Treatment
Hello Jessie


Thanks for the birthday card you sent Orla.  It has been rather difficult to assess Orla’s progress as her teacher is off sick with cancer, and also the SEN teacher left after having a similar diagnosis.  Both these two members of staff really knew Orla the best, particularly before her course.


Having said all that, at the end of last term we had our usual awards ceremony which includes primary and seniors.  One of the awards considered the most prestigious, is the ‘Most Improved Award’ due to it reflecting real effort and not just an academic grade.  Winners are nominated by pupils and teachers separately.  Orla received the Pupils chosen ‘Most Improved Student’ and then the teachers chosen ‘Most Improved Student’ for her key stage.


At the end of the ceremony, one girl and one boy from the whole school is chosen as the ‘SUPREME Most Improved Student’ – hence the picture!!!!!!


Hope this encourages you as much as us.


Zander & Jane Wilkinson