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Your feedback via this questionnaire is vitally important to us and others that are considering the LASD treatment. We highly value you taking time to complete the answer the following questions, and may we encourage you to be as specific as possible.

Patient Name*
Age when treated
Age currently
Date finished program
1. What was the main reason you decided to
take the LASD treatment?
2. What were the problem area's you wanted to
3. What bullying have you had?
4. How do you feel about this now?
5. How did you know you had dyslexia &
how was it affecting your day to day life?
6. Have you had a formal diagnosis? By whom &
what did it reveal?
7. How was daily life affected by your learning difficulties?
8. Why did you specifically choose the Alison
Lawson treatment over other programs available?
9. What other treatment/programs have you
10. What's unique about the ALC
treatment that sets it apart from other programs?
11. How would you rate the cost of the
12. How did you find the treatment itself
including the homework?
Did you have any issues and were these resolved
13. How would you rate your overall satisfaction
with the treatment?

1 = Extremely dissatisfied, 5 = Totally satisfied

14. What major life improvements have you seen
as a result of the treatment?
Improved spelling? reading? writing? confidence?
15. How long did it take after treatment for you
to start seeing progress?
16. What changes did you see that you had not
17. Have you continued with any of the Alison
Lawson exercises, additional tutoring or
remedial work after completing the treatment?
If Yes, what specifically?


18. What improvements or changes have your
school noticed? (If applicable)

19. Would you recommend the ALC
treatment to others, and why or why not?

20. What else would you like to tell us?

We often need to inform others who share your struggles with dyslexia about the results of the treatment via brochures, emails, presentations, newsletters, web page data & case studies and we would like to be able to use your comments. We are sure you'll agree that there really is nothing quite like hearing from the "horses" mouth as it were. However we like to respect your privacy and to help us do that please indicate which of the following is acceptable?

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