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This is now, but what about the future?

  Worried about how your child’s future will turn out?   If they are struggling now, how are things going to turn out later on? Is there much hope of things changing if we leave it to chance? Will we wish in years to come we’d done something sooner? If one thing leads to another, […]

Is your child working behind grade level?

  Is your child working behind grade level?    Initially when they were just a bit behind it wasn’t too bad, was it? But then as time has gone on and they don’t seem to be catching up… it’s getting quite scary actually. They can’t keep lagging this far behind and piling on extra work […]

Your child hates homework?

  Your child hates homework?   Ok we’ll concede that not many children love it, but does the thought of homework fill you with dread? Does it reduce the two of you to tears and threaten to ruin the parent and child relationship you enjoy outside of this period?   You are not the only […]

Does your child have messy handwriting?

  Does your child have messy handwriting?   Embarrassed of your child’s handwriting? Think that it could perhaps be neater?   It’s not particularly much fun having your work marked down because the teacher can’t read it. Sometimes it slopes dangerously across the page or letters are reversed and capitAl lettErs seem to sudDenly appear. […]

Struggling with Reading?

  Struggling with Reading?   Reading struggles have to be one of the most common dyslexic challenges, don’t you think?   It’s a vision issue and is not particularly helpful. Not only does it make reading school work and homework pretty hard, but it also can hinder our ability to obtain general knowledge too.   […]