Myth Busting Dyslexia!

There are various unfair reports
That dyslexic’s cannot be taught.
That they are unintelligent, unmotivated & lazy,
But we know that is totally crazy!


Read on! Read on! My jolly fine friend!
Read on! Right on through to the end.
You will see, you will see with your very own eyes
these myths are just. . . Well . . . Pretty much lies!



MYTH 1 :     Dyslexics are unintelligent, unmotivated or lazy.

Dyslexia is a difficulty with standard reading and has nothing to do with a persons level of intelligence.


MYTH 2 :     Dyslexia is the fault of bad parenting.

Dyslexia is like your child's height.  Yes, your genes played a large role in it, but your actions did not do anything to cause it. Dyslexia has nothing to do with eating the wrong things during pregnancy, or waiting until nursery school to familiarize your child with the alphabet.


MYTH 3 :     Dyslexia cannot be fixed & a dyslexic person will never be in the top half of mainstream reading ability compared to their peers.

Many people with dyslexia suffer from an eye problem that can be very simply fixed by eye correction treatment known as The ALC eye correction therapy – offered at ALC.   Many who have taken this treatment have gone on to become top in their class in both reading & spelling.


MYTH 4 :       It is best to keep these problems hidden from my child and others.

Both you & your child will be much happier if you can get over the notion that dyslexia is best kept secret and instead tell people what is really going on.  People are often glad to know as they feel it is the missing piece of the puzzle.




Well now what do you think?
These myths could drive you to the brink!
They are just not true, and are not fair,
Why do we believe what these people share?


Well now's your chance at the golden gate
Your chance to go out and set it straight!
Tell them, tell them, You will see,
You cannot, must not let this be!


No, no we will not sit and chunter
We will not, will not be trod under!
We will show them just what's what,
And expose that old tommy rot.


We'll grow & shine & stride ahead
AND put those rotten myths to bed
Watch out for dyslexics standing tall
Who will not be driven to the wall!


Join ALC on its myth busting mission and unlock your skills now!


Myth Busting Dyslexia!

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