Murray 41 years – “I thought I was too old for it to work!”

Name Murray
Age 41 Years
Located Oxfordshire
Problem Areas Reading Issues, Slow when Copying Text, Spelling, Short Concentration Span, Low Self-Esteem while at School, Trouble with Verbal Instructions, Struggled with Maths Comprehension Questions, Had Tutoring while at School, Understanding and Processing
Finished Program January 2014

Murray had issues in being able to read, to himself or out loud to others, like his children. Also being able to understand what he’d read was a problem.


Background:         I had been told ever since I was a kid that I had dyslexia, and I used to get my words in a muddle as I read. I hadn’t learnt to read until I was 14 and had 12 months of private tutoring. Day to day this meant that I misunderstood what I read, and when I read aloud to others it was painful for them to listen! I preferred not to read, however if it was a Comic Strip type book I could almost tell you the whole story without reading it. My spelling was useless, but I would notice grammar mistakes.   At school I would call myself “dumb” or “stupid” all the time. I didn’t know my times tables and Maths comprehension questions were difficult to answer. When copying from a book I would sometimes only be able to remember 2 words at a time. When I sang in the choir I would quite often make a word up or sing them the wrong way around even when reading them.


Because I found reading hard, it wasn’t easy to read much. My children started to realise and would get fed up with me reading aloud to them. If I read in public it would usually cause some laughs.


I haven’t tried any other treatment as this was the only one I knew of. It was recommended to me to do, and I realised I had a problem – but didn’t know there was any way out. It is expensive, but worth it. It was quite tiring adding it to your normal working life, but non-invasive and fun to do. I am very satisfied with the results.


Areas Improved So Far: I saw improvement immediately, within the first week while doing the course. I can now read a lot more easily, and my children don’t mind me reading aloud to them now. I only use my glasses for lap-top work, before I was using them for reading all the time, and driving too. I did not anticipate not needing to wear them so much! My concentration has also improved. Actually I hadn’t anticipated any changes so all were a pleasant surprise, as I thought I was too old for it to work! Choir singing is now going good, I sure realize when I’m about to make a mistake!


I feel the eye exercises are essential, so I’ve continued with them daily, and I’ve already recommended the course to absolutely heaps of people!