Max & Harmony 10 & 9 years – “Worth every single penny.”

Name Max & Harmony
Age 10 & 9 Years
Located Hampshire
Problem Areas Max: Behaviour Problems at home, Terrible Spelling, Comprehension Memory,
Poor Concentration, High Anxiety & Frustration Levels, Difficulty with Maths,
Headaches & Sore Eyes if Reading for a period of time

Harmony: Struggling to Read & Write, very behind in Maths, Lacking Confidence
& Poor Self-Esteem, Vision Issues – words moved all over the place, Awful Spelling,
Poor Memory, Confusion with Letters & Reversals, Unable to write straight without guidelines, Unsettled Behaviour & Short Attention Span, Headaches & Sore Eyes if Reading for a period of time, Tires very quickly

Finished Program December 2013

Harmony had some tests at school which revealed that she was borderline dyslexic and dyspraxic, this was causing her to get extremely behind in her school work and she had zero confidence with anything. We had tried other treatments for her, but to no avail, – we were still struggling. Max on the other hand had a bad behaviour problem at home but we didn’t know of any treatment available to help with this.


Background:         Harmony had occupational therapy, as well as eye tests and a lot of one to one lessons. The school recommended the treatment and a friend had also seen benefit of it, and although we didn’t (and still don’t) know that Max had dyslexia the questions on the assessment form for Harmony seemed to fit our needs with him, almost more than Harmony!


The treatment is expensive, but worth every penny and it wasn’t anything like as hard as we expected it to be. The kids did get very tired but were also happy. I really didn’t think that I would be able to get them to do their homework as this was something that I had been really struggling to get them to do after school. However I had no problem, they did their homework on their own, by their own accord. I know of no other non-invasive treatment that will help correct the eye to brain muscle coordination.


Areas Improved So Far: Well, where do I start….?! Max’s tantrums have stopped, he has never had another shouting, banging, throwing fit since the day we started treatment! I remember the first weekend after treatment when we had some friends over for a meal. It was awesome! It was the first time we’d had friends over with our “new” kids! This time we didn’t have a massive argument over creating the snack tray and who was going to serve what. Max helped with serving drinks and just whether everyone had what they needed and Harmony helped in the kitchen with all sorts of things. There wasn’t enough room for all of us to sit at the table so as I was a bit rushed with all the preparations I had my dinner in the kitchen and half way through the meal Harmony came to check and make sure I was alright! I could have cried.


Another thing I noticed around the same time was Harmony’s new found ability to sit still. We take the children to a lot of functions and now she can actually sit still! I thought it might just be coincidence the first time but….it’s happened every time since as well!!


Harmony is altogether more confident, her grades at school also went up three school years in half a term. When the children brought home their school reports just 3 months after treatment, once again I felt like a little kid at Christmas!!! They were amazing. Max was easily a Year 7 standard in Literacy and an end of Year 6 in Maths which is so good, but the best bit is that he has excellent standard for effort in everything but French!!! I’d never seen the likes before.   Harmony, at the end of the previous term was an end of Year 3 level in Writing and is now a beginning of Year 6 level. For Reading she is now an end of Year 6 level and for Maths she had been a……wait for it….. Year 2 level and is now right where she should be – mid Year 5. Wow, wow and wow again. I was so thrilled I needed to shout it from the roof tops.


We started seeing progress in Max straight away, however it took longer to notice Harmony’s – it wasn’t until about two weeks later that it really began to show.


I had not anticipated that my usually argumentative children would be so calm. I had to re-learn them, they were like new kids. They were cooperative, and helpful. Max got his sense of humour back and Harmony could bake by herself, they played together without fighting and we could reason things out with them so much more. Life was blissful by comparison.


Harmony’s teacher could not believe the progress that she made in the 1st term after treatment. She flew up the grades and what’s more she would participate in group discussions which was also a first. They were thrilled with her progress. The occupational therapist also couldn’t make out what had happened as she’d improved her coordination so much. We’ve seen improvements in spelling, reading, writing, confidence, concentration and more.


HARMONY Handwriting Sample

We can see here that Harmony’s handwriting has not only decreased to a more normal size, but has improved in formation and accuracy, as well as memory.


We still try to do the eye exercises about once a month, though this does sometimes lapse. Harmony does still have extra handwriting and spelling lessons and also occupational therapy at school.


I would most certainly recommend this treatment to anybody and everybody. It turned our lives around. I used to dread waking my children up in the mornings and used to dread them coming home after school. Everything was a fight. Now, yes we do still have our off days, but on the whole they will get up in the morning and get dressed. They do their homework sitting at the table by themselves and with a little input from me. They will get their PJ’s on and go to bed at bed time and all this without having to fight them.


So much has changed that I could continue this story for a long time. One thing I would like to reinforce is that this treatment costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time, but IT WAS WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY AND MINUTE THAT WE PUT INTO IT.


Once again very, very many thanks for helping us.