Kain 14 years – “Worth every minute put in.”

Name Kain
Age 14 Years
Located Norfolk
Problem Areas Poor Memory, Sore Eyes When Writing, Poor Spelling, Unformed Hand Writing & Letter Reversals, Concentration & Short Attention Span Issues, Low Self-esteem & Confidence Levels, Struggled with Maths
Finished Program August 2013

The treatment was worth every minute that was put in. After the first two sessions of treatment, Kain spoke of feeling “clear” in his head! If you are looking for great improvement then this course is able to give it.


Background:         Kain has struggled with dyslexia and a certain amount of dyspraxia all his life. He was officially assessed at school when he was 11. After that time he was given SEN support in the school situation, which was a help, but it seemed to be that these difficulties were something he was going to have to live with. As he headed up towards his exam years I was very worried about how he was going to get through. Last summer I heard about the ALC course, which I decided to send Kain on, based on the testimonials of others and by the fact that I felt anything must be a help to Kain. It had got to the ‘wherever do I turn to next’ stage!


Areas Improved So Far: After the course was complete he found that his co-ordination had improved dramatically and had great satisfaction in trying things like throwing a ball through his upstairs bedroom window and getting it in there! His sense of balance improved too.


In the weeks immediately after the course I had yet another go at teaching him to tell the time. This was something that he had tried & tried to master – it would be there for a short while and then gone again. But after the course, it went in and stayed there. He feels a real sense of achievement about this.


He told me that now when instructions are being given at the beginning of a lesson, he understands what he is supposed to do. It was an eye-opener to me to know that all these years, he really hadn’t even been able to properly process basic lesson instructions – and now he can!


His academic improvements have been the greatest area of change we’ve seen.


Some of the teachers at the last parent teacher appointment simply said “what have you done to him?”, another one said I don’t know what you’ve done – but it’s worked!” This was six months after the treatment.


His spelling is not immediately cured, although improved, as he is now so much more aware that something may not be spelt right – because he has missed out in absorbing the primary school basics at that stage.


His grades are now running at about ‘c’ level, whereas before he would have struggled to get anything at all. He was awarded the in-school motivational award for the term.   He would never have believed himself good enough for that. His most recent in school general science exam (foundational level) score was 92%. I feel that he has the ability to further improve, as his confidence increases.