John 80 years – “He was shy and reclusive.”

Name John
Age 80 Years
Located Somerset
Problem Areas Words looked 3D, Unable to copy quickly, Unsettled & Fidgety behaviour, Short Concentration Span, Trouble with Verbal Instructions, Sore Eyes & Headaches when Reading or Writing for a long time, Poor 3D Vision,
Finished Program October 2014

John had seen the results of the ALC program in his grandchildren & friends and was determined that after 80 years of battling with his own dyslexia he wanted to take the program to improve his own abilities.


Background: He took the program as he hoped to see some improvement in his peripheral vision when driving, as well as addressing his reading issues. Being at school during the war meant that his education was frightfully disrupted, and he was shy, reclusive, blushing and unable to look people in the eye.

He chose the ALC program because the staff were friendly and he believed it worked as he’d seen what it had done to others. He says “The ALC program is different to others because of the attention to detail and confidence the team have in their own program.” He felt it was expensive, but worth it. “I found I could cope with the program and didn’t have any issues.”


Areas Improved So Far: John saw improvement straight away. “My reading improved and my wife noticed better concentration when driving, especially manual controlled cars. I hadn’t anticipated seeing improvement in my stamina when driving long hours, or the ability to drive a manual car without crashing gears or stalling. (I normally drive an up to date auto.)”


He continues with his eye exercises to help his convergence and says “Because of the guaranteed results, I am happy to recommend the ALC treatment to others. I have increased ability to drive for longer hours without fatigue (on one occasion for 6 hours – from 1PM to 7PM) with no change of driver. My balance has also improved when I get dressed – i.e. donning long johns & long trousers without losing balance.”