Jack 12 years – “Wanted him to enjoy school.”

Name Jack
Age 12 Years
Located Devon
Problem Areas Very Poor Memory, Poor Reading & Comprehension, Low Self-esteem & Confidence Levels, High Anxiety & Frustration
Finished Program June 2013

Life was such a struggle, everything was a burden to Jack and we felt we must get him ahead in life. We really wanted him to enjoy school and get some better results.


Background:  Jack was getting nowhere at school and we had to physically dress him to get him there. He was becoming upset in the class because he couldn’t do the work, and he also didn’t understand the work. His teachers were confused as he tried his best, they didn’t seem to understand that he had a problem. He was always very frustrated and highly strung. He didn’t seem to have the ability to retain what he had learned and this was very frustrating for him.


We took the treatment because it was a lifetime cure, 10 sessions isn’t very long and you don’t have to go back for check-ups. You just need to believe it works. You can’t put a price on getting sorted out for life, so we knew it wouldn’t be cheap. But every penny was well spent!


It wasn’t easy to get him to do it but we told him that 10 days wasn’t long to change his whole life.


Areas Improved So Far: About 4 days after treatment we started observing improvements. His spelling has improved drastically – he has surprised himself and his teachers that not only he remembered the word, but he knew how to spell hard words that he has never spelt in his life before. He has jumped a lot of levels in maths now, his teacher says that what he does is slow but correct now. He is coming home every day now and telling me that he has got a really good marks in his work – this is so rewarding!


He is just leaping up levels in all his work.   He definitely concentrates well now. This has led to better memory which enables him to do his homework on his own. As soon as he receives his homework he gets straight down to work without being told – he would never have done this before. This was because he has understood what went on in the class and it didn’t over his head like it used to.   This used to be a big problem as he couldn’t remember and I wasn’t in the class, so between us we were stuck.  He not only remembers the things he has been taught in school but he is remembering detail as well.


He is a lot more conscious of things around him and as we travel around, he now reads signs, buildings and vehicles – and because of this is less agitated in the car!!


He completed a French test that he didn’t revised for (my fault) and he received 19/24, before it would have been 1 or 2/24 which was very demoralising for him. Accomplishing this sort of result in French, not even English is a massive improvement. All these things are really thrilling him to keep going. He came home the other day and told me that he had beaten a really brainy boy in his class!


He went to mow a neighbours grass the other day and he remembered the number on the padlock that he had been shown 2 weeks before – he would never have remembered this before – so all round life is now easier.


I have also had other peers and teachers say to me that he will now volunteer in class and speak in front of his peers. He will offer to do things for people and his self- esteem is just so much better. His school say he is quite different in class, and if things go against him he now stands up for himself and defends himself instead of getting upset about it and the whole thing becoming a pile up and going on for a long time.


Whatever he puts his hands to is done perfectly and to a high standard and we have had other people comment on this. He has stopped biting his nails, which shows he is less agitated. His grandma says that he has lost his haunted look about him. They have noticed that he will pick up a book and read it now, before it was hard work, so it was easier not to. In fact he never used to read anything unless it was a comic or picture book.


He is certainly not so obsessive about things and if we have a storm about something, it is resolved much much quicker and just as if nothing ever happened which is quite different. He now loves school, before we were going through a terrible patch to even get him to school and stay there.


We have been told the school are amazed at the standard of work he is now turning out now and are thrilled at the marks that he is now coming home with.


We tried a lot of different things to help Jack and this is the only one that has produced results, quickly and for life.



Update 7 months later:


Jack is still doing well, it is noticeable that things register with him more. He will remember registrations of friend’s cars, even after only seeing it once. Also in Science he remembers the special chemicals that I have never heard of before. He will discuss with his sister, his science lessons, while she struggles to remember the chemicals that she has used.


He is still making progress, we are doing a lot of work on the house and he has learnt electrics from my Father-in-law. That, to me takes quite a bit of understanding, but Jack can do a lot of electrics that my husband can’t do. He has the spirit of wanting to learn, which he has never had before.



Update 17 months later:


We are nearly 2 years down the road, he is still making really good progress, in maths especially.  English is improving too. He has just completed a Geography project, all on his own, with no help and he was finished before the rest of his class by a long way. In this project his dedication was very noticeable and we witnessed his joy in doing it and achieving such a target on his own. I look back and think about how things used to be, daily life was a struggle and burden. I never have to help him with any homework now.


His woodwork at school is top as well, he has such confidence now, thanks to you all. Something which didn’t exist before his treatment. He evens plays football with the older boys at break time. Before he used to just walk round the school on his own, as a complete loner! He has just got science marks back this week and everybody else got low marks but he had gone up by a long way and was only 1 level down from the best students.


So it is not an overnight matter, but as time goes on, the brain begins to become more awake and you really see the results in the grades, also his thrill over getting such good marks is something that you can’t describe. His stress levels are much much lower, and he can cope with everyday life so much more. He is so much more manageable in all areas of life. So we will plod on and hope for more results all the time.