Improve your Vision with Magic Eye Books

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of vision, given that our eyes are a relatively small member of our body.  However don’t be mistaken.


You know the Magic Eye books?  You thought they were just for entertainment didn’t you?  So did I.


Well, it seems they are not quite as innocent as you thought!


Turns out they have quite a bit to do with reducing eye strain, stress and more.


Let me give you an extract from the Magic Eye book titled Beyond 3D:


While Magic Eye was originally viewed for its entertainment value, more and more medical, scientific, athletic, and academic professionals have been discovering and using magic eye images to improve their health and lifestyles of their patients, students and themselves. Magic Eye images may improve vision, relax the body and calm the mind. Magic eye exercises are a fun way to enhance eye coordination and focussing skills and can alleviate much of the eye strain you experience while working on a computer. Magic eye images may change your brain chemistry and make you calmer and receptive and creative.


In order to view Magic Eye images, you need vision in both eyes. Your eyes need to work together as a focussed team. As a result, the left and right sides of your brain are stimulated more while viewing a magic eye image.


Optometrists can use magic eye images as a major part of vision therapy program in helping people improve their vision and their lives. Magic eye images train your eyes to see in a new way. This new way of seeing involves both your mind and your eyes as you learn to see the world with “soft eyes”.


The retina of the eye can be divided into 2 parts: One part is call the fovea, which is densely packed with rods and cones. The cones bring images into a hard focus that is clear, logical, and related to an analytical way of looking at the world. Each cone has a single nerve that connects to the brain and information that enters the fovea is processed by the conscious mind. The second part of the retina is its periphery, which houses cells called rods. Even though several hundred rods connect to the same nerve, these cells are very sensitive. In fact, they can detect a single star thousands of miles away. The cones allow us to focus very closely on an object, while the rods give us more expanded peripheral vision.


With magic eye way of seeing you are trying to achieve a balance between the rod vision and the cone vision, using more of your peripheral vision than normal. This relaxes our hard-focus analytical way of seeing and softens our gaze to take in a more expanded peripheral visual field. This soft focus gaze creates a more emotional and intuitive way of seeing the world.


Of all of our senses – touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight – vision is our most developed. It is our dominant sense and the means by which the average person receives the vast majority of their information and education. It has been shown that nearly 85% of all the information that we gather in a lifetime is taken into our minds through our eyes.


Our eyes are the only organs of our bodies that are actually outgrowths of our brain. The eyes retina is in reality a specialized form of brain tissue. Therefore, the information taken in by the eye is processed differently – more deeply than the information that we receive through all our other senses.


Vision is not static. Even if you have worn glasses for the past 20 years, it may be possible to improve your vision.*


From our working with 100’s of pairs of eyes at the centre we can vouch that this is indeed true.


Want to get your eyes working for you?


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*Source: Magic Eye Beyond 3D – Improve your Vision
Reduce Computer Eye Strain, Stress & More
By Magic Eye Inc & Marc Grossman, O.D. L.Ac ISBN: 978-0-7407-4527-0


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