7 Amazing Handwriting Examples (showing that change is possible)

The question begs to be asked, how are handwriting issues and visual issues linked?  I mean handwriting and dyspraxia, well that’s understandable.


Well there’s a pretty simple explanation to that, in that when the eyes are not working together we are unable to see a clear image of what we are writing. Fix the issue in the eyes and most often you’ll see a good improvement in the handwriting too.


Here’s 7 examples, out of literally 100’s from our clients, across a range of different ages that show this in actuality.


This 32 year old male showed increased memory from max 9 words on his initial transcription to max 23 words on his final transcription  just 11 days later, as well as writing twice the number of lines in just a little extra time.

ALC Handwriting Sample 1


Ok, so the first has no lines and the 2nd has lines, however 11 days later this 23 year old male shows extended memory, neater joined up writing and less spelling errors in his copying.

ALC Handwriting Sample 2


In 6 days this 44 year old woman changed from using a random mixtured of upper and lower case with a memory span of approx 2 words to a neat cursive script of appropriate upper and lower case and memory span of up to 3 times the number of words she had previously.

ALC Handwriting Sample 3

This 14 year old boy started off with written work that wasn’t exactly appropriate to his age.  With a few attempts he produced written work that showed a mixture of inappropriate upper and lower case use, in ability to keep straight lines & poor formation.
There was a gap before he started two week treatment program,  after which he produced the second piece of work with improved formation, using a cursive script. As well as appropriate use of upper and lower case.

ALC Handwriting Sample 4

This somewhat dyspraxic 11 year old improved from being unable to remember many complete words, having untidy formation and no cursive script, to this neat smaller cursive script, with a memory of up to 7 words, after a 2 week treatment program and with use of a pen grip.

ALC Handwriting Sample 5

This transcription belongs to a 55 year old male who over a 5 week treatment program changed his all upper case scrawl, with one word memory to a lovely cursive script with a memory between 4 and 10 words.

ALC Handwriting Sample 6


And lastly this 7year improved their handwriting from falling-off-a-cliff style to not only being able to maintain a straight line, without guidelines, but also improving the length of his working memory too.





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