Guy 25 years – “Didn’t seem to be doing well at work.”

Name Guy
Age 25 Years
Located Scotland
Problem Areas Low Confidence, Poor Social Interaction Skills, Needed Repetition of Instructions, Poor Connection Ability On The Phone
Finished Program December 2012

Although Guy was in employment he didn’t really seem to be doing too well. Thankfully both his employer and family cared enough to do something for him.


Background:         Guy had extensive private tuition when he was at school as we were desperate that he get something out of his years at school. He hated school, never did really well at anything- academic, PE, Music, you name it he couldn’t wait to get out of it. When he was in primary one day he just walked out of class….!


Areas Improved So Far: We’ve seen improved confidence. Plus improved performance at work and much better telephone manner. His spelling has always been pretty good but his writing is better now.


His sister works with him at work so I asked her the other day how he was getting on as I don’t seem to hear anything these days (she would sometimes come home all stressed about him) and she told me that she just doesn’t need to worry about his performance & behaviour any more – she doesn’t even think about it – which shows me how much he has changed. She also said he is taking on much more responsibility at work and doing well.


He connects with people much better socially and is “normal” in phone conversations now.


He also joins in family discussions and gives his unasked for opinion! He never would have before.