Gordy 9 years – “It was worth every penny.”

Name Gordy
Age 9 Years
Located Sweden
Problem Areas Poor Memory, Poor Vision, Sore Eyes & Didn’t Like Reading, Poor Spelling, Unformed Hand Writing & Letter Reversals, Concentration Issues, Low Self-esteem & Confidence Levels, Struggled with Maths
Finished Program October 2013

The ALC program was good because it was just two weeks of treatment & as we come from Sweden it would not have been easy to keep on coming over time after time. It would have been a lot to pay if it didn’t work but when it did it was worth every penny.


Background:         Gordy was far behind in his reading compared to the others in his class. He was a painfully slow reader and a lot of the little words he read the wrong way round. We wanted him to be able to read at the same level as the rest of his class. His problem with reading was affecting a lot of lessons. He was good at maths if it was just numbers but as soon as there was a written problem he got completely lost. Found the treatment very tiring, especially the first few days, but he was probably tired from travelling and the language. He enjoyed the work he was given to do. He still has a problem to concentrate when there are lots in the classroom and gets the best results in small groups or when he sits on his own.


Areas Improved So Far: It has made a lot of difference with his school work now that it is easier for him to read. On the last day of his treatment we realized that he could see a lot better when he read the letters on the board – he said the letters were a lot bigger than when he did it the first time. Just being able to read more easily has helped in a lot of situations – books, signs, and packets etc. He was very happy to be able to see a sky full of stars which he couldn’t do before the treatment. I went to school yesterday to have a meeting with the teacher. She knows he had a problem before but she said now that he reads without any problem at all and is at the same level as the others in the class. I was so happy to hear it.


He definitely doesn’t have as many tantrums as before but they still occur every so often.


GORDY Handwriting Sample

Although perhaps a little tricky to read as done in pencil and in Swedish, the difference between the two transcriptions is pretty obvious!  We can see that in the beginning Gordy had difficulties starting his writing close to the margin and was unable to fit more than 2 or 3 words onto each line.  However after treatment he fills out each line much better and has managed to gain control of his pencil which also enables him to reduce the size of his writing as well.