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“All in all well
worth it!”

– Farley 8 years
“Where would we
be, if we hadn’t
had this?”

– Jack 12 years
“Proving to be

– Tattiana 10 years
What is the treatment?
Wave goodbye to the daily stress of dyslexia in just 10 sessions with this quick and effective treatment program.

clock  Fast – only 10 hour sessions
tick  Highly Effective – 98.2% see life changing results in just days
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With only 10 one hour sessions of treatment
you’ll be making progress before you
know it! As well as being able to see the
end from the beginning, so you don’t loose


A 98.2% chance of seeing life changing
results in short space of time, often within
days of starting the program. Far more
than a “how to cope” theory.


With a 4.7 star rating it’s easy to see why
the program is highly recommended to
family and friends. Consider it tried and

Effective life changing results in only 10 sessions
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Attend your 1 hour pain free
Initial Assessment
Complete 10 hours of fun
Ruth was moved up a table yesterday from
Starfish to Sharks! It was only her 3rd day
back to school. She said she managed to do
the sums so the teacher decided to move her.

Ruth 6 years
Colin has found reading blocks of text very
much easier since completing the course, He
can now read all worksheets and main text
books alone at school – a massive help.

Colin 15 years
Reggie received Role of Honour today for ‘an
outstanding result in his mock Maths’! He
also was given the Achievement award for his
class and his results were better that
predicted. He has had a fantastic final year at
Primary School..

Reggie 8 years
Change your life with the fastest & most effective dyslexia treatment
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