Elon 11 years – “He would run a mile rather than read a book.”

Elon was a bright child whose social skills were helping to mask his academic struggles. However something was keeping Elon from progressing at school like he should have been, but nobody had been able to put their finger on it.  Listen to how he was able to regain a substantial amount of ground in short space of time.

Name Elon
Age 11 Years
Located Warwickshire
Problem Areas Spelling, Clarity of Vision, Memory, Writing/Handwriting, Maths, Concentration,
Anxiety & Frustration Levels, Self Esteem, Comprehension,
Finished Program July 2014

Elon’s Mum: He would be in tears halfway through homework and he would say “I can’t do it. They haven’t taught us this at school. I’ve never heard of this before.”


Elon’s Dad: His maths was fairly low,  far below standard. He just didn’t seem to click the logic of numbers for a long time, which did sort of get a few alarm bells ringing. Things didn’t seem to fit into logic boxes. It was run more on emotion. When you got cross with him then something happened.


Because Elon got on so well with other people and could make friends with other people his interaction skills were very good. It he was at all stuck, he would always ask someone for help as opposed to try and work it out himself. So it was masking a lot of his issues.


We said “Let’s give it a go, you know, we can’t say we haven’t tried all the options.” Once we’d done it it was like “Whoa it’s not a cost, it’s an investment.”


Elon’s Mum: It’s incredible, because we were really thinking what can we do? When you don’t know about something you can’t do it and then this came to our notice and it’s made such a difference. It’s incredible! The biggest difference is reading. Before he would run a mile rather than read anything.