Dustin 28 years – “The list of improvements is endless.”

Name Dustin
Age 28 Years
Located Scotland
Problem Areas Reading/Vision Issues – words fuzzy & 3D, Spelling, Working Memory, Comprehension, Unable to write in a straight line, Low Self Esteem, Short Concentration, Copying, Confused Left & Right, Times Tables, Handwriting, Time Management, Processing
Finished Program May 2015

Shortly after I married Dustin I noticed that he was struggling in many ways.


Some of the most noticeable things were his hesitation when making a decision or answering a question, and how often he was distracted mid-conversation or when reading.


I had met dyslexia back in my home country Australia, where in my brothers had taken the ALC program.


So after finding out that ALC was actually available within the UK as well, I began reading the stories of many others that had found a new life by attending this wonderful program.


Reading the stories also revealed many other traits that I had not put down to dyslexia, such as his poor driving skill, not seeming to react to things as soon as I would. Also when looking in a wing mirror he would need to look for so long that he would nearly veer off the road. But then I thought I was just being too jumpy. He also had an inability to get his thoughts into words and a slow stammering speech, just to name a few. I didn’t want him to miss out anymore.


After showing Dustin the stories and explaining dyslexia to the best of my knowledge, I had him hooked on completing the course – he wanted to start right away! I’ve never seen him so keen to start something. Nothing was going to hold us back!


However as we would need time off work we would need to speak to his employer first. After speaking to his employer in depth about the program and all it could do for Dustin, it was agreed that the business would support and finance the program. What a wonderful day that was!


Dustin had relatives just under 2 hours away from the centre in Yeovil which meant we could stay there, making the travelling a mere thing, and therefore we completed the course within 2 weeks.


On the weekend, right after Session 5, I began to notice the changes. He was interacting and joining in conversation with our friends. Never once did he have to ask what had been said or ask someone to repeat the question. In fact his confidence was soaring and he was holding the floor!

And that was only the beginning, by the end of the program his spelling had improved so much that I couldn’t seem to find him words hard enough! His speech had become smoother and he was answering questions much quicker.


His driving had improved to the stage where I no longer jumped every time he took a corner or gritted my teeth when a light turned red!!


A week or so after we had completed the program I noticed that I could now work around him when he was reading, and he didn’t even look up! This was amazing as previously I would creep around as quiet as a mouse for fear of distracting him. He was also reading line by line without jumping back up the page as he used to.


The list of improvements is endless, and so rewarding.


I was very pleased when Dustin came home from work one day and said he could remember all the figures he’d been working with, and could still remember them the next day, and when measuring out for a shelf in a new cupboard he remembered the measurements better than I did when shopping the next day!


Now as time goes on, everything has become normal – but we’ll never forget what  ALC did for us, and will continue to sing it praises to anyone in the dyslexic world and beyond.


Thank you everyone on the ALC team in Yeovil!


P.S. We are now expecting a child, due in April and I’ve been quite unwell.  Meaning that Dustin is doing EVERYTHING!   I seriously wonder if he would’ve coped with being able to do it all before…