Damon 35 years – “Couldn’t cope with the thinking.”

Name Damon
Age 35 Years
Located Hampshire
Problem Areas Relieve Stress Headaches, Think More Clearly, Reading, Vision, Math Comprehension, Poor Social Skills
Finished Program May 2013

Damon & his wife and 3 children were about to move out of Hampshire to Canada. Plus there was another addition to the family, due to arrive soon. All great news, but the headaches that Damon was experiencing would cause his mind to blank off, if it couldn’t cope with the thinking.


Background:         Damon had never actually been diagnosed with dyslexia, however it was clear he had an eye problem, that was making thinking and reading difficult for him. It was suggested that we try the treatment. We had a big move in front of us, emigration to another country and a 4th baby on the way and we knew we’d need every inch of our minds to cope with everything this entailed! Others who had done the move thought we needed the treatment to be able to cope. We really wanted to relieve the stress headaches and be able to think more clearly.


Initially we thought that the cost of the treatment was expensive, however the benefits are lifelong.


We had to really concentrate on doing the homework, because we were so busy at the time, selling our house, keeping the kids going at school, filling out paperwork, last minute family get-togethers etc. But doing the exercises made Damon feel so much better and clearer in this thinking that it really was not a chore. He found he went backwards if he didn’t keep up with the homework.


Areas Improved So Far: We started seeing improvements during the treatment, after about 3 or 4 sessions. Also doing the eye exercises can take away the strain in minutes. Damon feels that the treatment reduces the stress within yourself and for those around you. He has kept up some of the eye exercises because he has found they really help. We have also seen improvements with his reading, writing, confidence and concentration. Plus he is much more aware of what is going on around him, and find it helps him to get more socially involved. He is generally more alert and says it makes life a lot easier. The optician has commented that he has “exceptional eyeball range” which we think is due to the eye muscles being loosened up and strengthened through the eye exercises.


We all notice that he enjoys socialising more now, he joins in and doesn’t blank off like he used to and is able to take in conversations and pay attention to what people are saying much more and respond, which is much nicer for the rest of the family! That in itself gives him more confidence, and if he gets stress headaches, he knows doing the eye exercises pretty much take it away, and daily stresses of a job are much better managed.