Consult Braun For Teethbrush

Ok so it should be toothbrush, but then I am not referring to the sort of Braun your thinking of!


Dyslexic student Jason Braun has created a homophone-checking-website to help out dyslexics like me & you. allows users to check words that sound the same but are spelt differently, thus allowing for writers to proof read for errors that word processing software can’t find.


For example, spell checking a document won’t find an error if you use ‘there’ instead of ‘their’ or ‘they’re’ or ‘know’ instead of ‘no’.


“I knew as a student, writer and a teacher that homophones are an area where we frequently make mistakes,” says Braun, who teaches an English composition class. “These are things that aren’t caught by Microsoft Word or various other word processors.”


A learning disability specialist, who works with Braun, commented that the site seems helpful for students with reading disabilities and difficulty in writing. “This seems like it would be pretty convenient for them.” He says.


Growing up as a child in Hecker, Braun, a Waterloo High Schol graduate, said he always struggled in school and had to repeat the first grade. It wasn’t until later in life that he was diagnosed with dyslexia and attention deficit disorder.


Braun admits he still struggles with homophones. “Partly, I created this, because I wanted to be able to correct my own writing,” he says. “These are mistakes every student makes to a certain degree, and students with dyslexia and non-native speakers are going to make these sorts of mistakes more frequently.”


Yes, ok I’ll concede that teethbrush wasn’t exactly a homophone, but it was the closest we could get!


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