Brock 9 years – “Struggled to read his own writing.”

Name Brock
Age 9 Years
Located Yorkshire
Problem Areas Poor Memory, Poor Vision, Sore Eyes & Tracking Issues, Poor Spelling, Letter Reversals, Concentration & Short Attention Span, Low Self-esteem & Confidence Levels, Struggles with Maths
Finished Program October 2013

Brock had amazing general knowledge, but struggled to read his own writing. He was a practical little fellow but his creations always had wonky endings!


Background:         Brock had tests at school that showed he was dyslexic. We heard from a relative about the Australian centres and decided to enrol him at the UK centre as it offers a cure, not just a “how to live with it”.


Areas Improved So Far: We saw immediate improvement in Brock. Particularly in his ability to sit still. His spelling, reading out loud and writing have also improved.


BROCKWELL Handwriting Sample

Brock’s transcription at the beginning of treatment shows very phonetic spellings and poor memory “littal” for “little”, “trics” for “tricks” and “cride” for “cried”.   However afterwards we see a fantastic effort on his joined up letters and almost 100% accuracy on copying.


Brock found the homework particularly hard in the second week. It required a lot of persuasion to get him going and keep him going. So we did it in bits and pieces and tried to encourage him with rewards. He loves messing around with drills and woodwork etc. But his creations always had wonky endings! Not anymore! We feel this has been very successful treatment for Brock and would definitely recommend it.


This morning he came through with his spelling list (which wasn’t learnt) and told me he got 9 out of 10! The only word he got wrong was because he misheard what the teacher had said. When I tested him on the difference between the misheard word and the correct one he got both right straight away! Which is almost unheard of!


Also the other day while doing a school trip, one of his school friends told me that “Brock’s reading in guided reading today was really good, not stopping and starting like it usually is.” This was from a girl who is very fluent!


When Brock was 6 he typed unaided the story of the 3 little pigs. The result was hilarious, with the phonetic spelling, and very clever for a 6 year old. It provided a lot of entertainment for visitors. Of course as he got older and his spelling ability didn’t change it was not so funny anymore. About 6 months ago he decided to retype it as he could see it was all wrong, but got as far as a few words and found he wasn’t doing any better so left it.




Last Saturday he gave it another go. He didn’t get very far before losing interest – but out of 41 words he only got 5 wrong, whereas on the original almost The only ones he got right were ‘and’, ‘the’, ‘but’, and ‘so’.


He did a bit of ‘author’s editing’ too. Instead of “the wulff falt hungry”, he put “the wolf fancied a snack.” And instead of “the wulff wondrereddan wet down the lan” he had “so he decided to have a walk down the lane”. It certainly showed a tremendous difference! I really felt encouraged.