Barton 9 years – “Nothing seemed to be sinking in.”

Name Barton
Age 9 Years
Located Cheshire
Problem Areas Poor Memory, Poor Vision, Sore Eyes & Headaches, Poor Spelling, Messy Hand Writing & Letter Reversals, Concentration & Short Attention Span Issues, Low Self-esteem & Confidence Levels, Struggled with Maths
Finished Program August 2013

Memory was a big problem for Barton, he would forget the slightest of tasks set and nothing seemed to be sinking in! He also had behaviour problems.


Background: Barton came from a family with an emerging sequence of learning difficulties which were very worrying. He was diagnosed with dyslexia in year 3, had great difficulty in concentrating and was slow in his academic development. Even with our lack of knowledge about alternative treatments we would say that the main reason we went to ALC is that it offers a cure for the problem!


Areas Improved So Far: We noticed improvements almost immediately! We didn’t anticipate such a fast and positive response to the treatment!


Firstly we found out from the assessment that Barton needed glasses! Then things obviously became clearer. Barton had a great confidence boost which has remained. He began to read aloud and he even began to sing! His handwriting changed during the treatment and has continued to since – his teachers were amazed! His memory improved and he found he could express himself more clearly. He is also finding tables & spelling easier too. His behaviour improved and he became calmer, stressful situations saw more subdued reactions! Family and friends noticed this as also his lack of fidgeting.


On his first week back at school, after treatment, he got the most house points in the school!


Last parents evening the teachers were quite excited about his progress. His sister’s teacher who has taught Barton for the past 2 years spent half of the time talking about him rather than his sister Cara! They note his enthusiasm and pride in his work, improved concentration and handwriting. He used to use a coloured overlay for reading but he doesn’t need this anymore – another giant leap forward for Barton!


The ALC program is definitely worth investing in – I just wish I could express it more fully to everyone. We have actually had people who have seen or heard of Barton’s progress recommend the program to others.



Update 11 months later:


You’ll be pleased to hear that Barton begged his teacher to allow him to write a letter in class by hand (instead of on the computer). He completed this with ease and it ended up being over 2 A4 pages long! His handwriting was neat, capital letters in the right places and just about every word spelt correctly! The teachers were amazed and rather excited!


I was a little worried they were restricting him on the computers too much so I was so glad he had a chance to prove himself! He gained a golden monkey because of it (the highest award in class!).



Update 19 months later:


He’s just got some new glasses!  We appear to have a dip when we need new ones – but if it’s that easy to rectify the problem, I’m happy!


School is going well – he doesn’t need the full-time SEN support now, which obviously, ourselves, Barton and the teachers were all very pleased about!