Behaviour Better From Word Go – Eating Much Better Now (- Good news from the USA!)

Man! I’ve just had my socks blown off 🙂

Check out the email below and see if you can guess why!

Dyslexia Testimonial

Getting emails like that just makes my day!

Well done to Mum and school for keeping going with the eye exercises and what fantastic results we have to prove from it!


A little background story to this which makes it all so worthwhile is that this little family actually comes from the United States.  So despite the distance involved they parked out their other children with family & friends and bought plane tickets to the UK to ensure their son could get the much needed help he deserved.

I remember him coming to the centre and thinking – ‘That kid could really go places, he’s got drive and creativity. We just need to channel it in the right direction and get it laser focused so that he can utilise it.’   Well now it sure seems like he is going places and good on him for that!


Monster Time!

Then there’s this one from Oxfordshire.


When this little guy came he was all for having lots of fun and wriggling out of doing any more work than he had to. Though socially entertaining the academic side presented him with real challenges so when I received this email from his mother it was time to celebrate!


Dyslexia child review


Reading her 2nd paragraph was just amazing because here’s a child who had a real issue with being distracted and now he’s refusing to be distracted so that he can accomplish something he historically would have gladly stopped doing!


Little wonder he couldn’t believe it himself!


Her P.S. related to her partner who also took the program, which leads me to think we have one very happy family!


Teenage Confidence

Lastly I just have to share this extract with you.


When this teenager attended treatment she was being badly bullied and as a result had suffered significant trauma.

To say her confidence was on the floor, would be an understatement.  It was totally shattered and was going to take some time to build back up again.

So a note from her mother sharing the below was a real milestone!


teenage dyslexia review


Being able to communicate your point of view and discuss your worries is something we often take for granted.  However without this ability life quickly becomes very challenging and problems tend to compound themselves.


So enrol your child on the ALC program today!



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