Anika – 12 years “Low self-esteem, always bottom of the class.”

Name Anika
Age 12 Years
Located Staffordshire
Problem Areas Reading Issues & preferred not to read, Read & Re-read without comprehending, Spelling issues, trouble retaining even after considerable practice, Working Memory Issues – shown in things like inability to copy text a sentence at a time,  & inability to copy accurately, Confused capital and lowercase letters in sentences, reversed numbers & letters, Unable to write in a straight line without guidelines, Unsettled behaviour, short concentration span, Low self-esteem & confidence, called herself “dumb”, “stupid” or said “I can’t do it,” Difficulty with verbal instructions, preferred written, Not familiar with times tables, Maths comprehension questions were difficult,
Finished Program January 2014

Anika was diagnosed in 2010 by Anne Mitchell (an Educational Phycologist) – her school learning representative, as having mild dyslexia and dyscalculia. This explained to us why Anika had always struggled to read and spell and say what she meant.


Client Background: Anika had low self- esteem and confidence as having always been at the bottom of the class. She was never bullied in an outward way, but rather felt stupid and useless in class in front of others.


She struggled to balance and ride a bike and achieved this at the age of seven, which again left her streets behind her peers. Her knowledge and retention of times tables was non-existent. She would typically confuse capital letters and lowercase letters in sentences, reverse her numbers and was unable to write in straight lines without guidelines.


She received excellent class support when she became grade 3 and had regular personal help in the class, but as parents – we wondered if there was more we could do.


She had by 2013, being going to see someone for INPP treatment which helped resolve and release reflexes in her body that had never gone since a baby. This helped her balance, reaction and concentration too to some extent.


We heard about the ALC Treatment Centre through contacts and saw the website, and although we felt it was a lot of money – we still wanted to do everything we could for Anika as she was starting senior school in 2013 – grade 7. This treatment lasted 9 days, and was very intensive, not only because she completed the course after school hours, but there was travel time to the venue too, and obviously the exercises and homework to be done every day. Initially – I felt there was no change at all, she was in fact extremely tired, and had one rather shocking blood shot eye – but it proved that something was happening in her lazy eye.


Areas Improved So Far: It was not until 4 or 5 months later, we realised Anika was reading books, and picking up magazines and taking an interest. Her retention and understanding of maths was improving, and by November 2014 – now year 8, she received an award for the most improved student in her year group that last school year.


She has broadened her shoulders and takes difficult tasks in hand, has become an excellent swimmer and enjoys the challenge of French. Her favourite subject is music and PE and she became a high achiever at Sports Day. She still has her moments of frustration because she can’t grasp the lesson or situation she finds herself in, as well as others, but has become very mature and confident and is a fluent speaker amongst adults and her peers. Everyone loves her character. She has her own funny amusing way of resolving her difficulties. All the teachers at the last parents evening meeting said she was a different girl, mature, a lot more confident and was coping with school life and the hard work that goes with it.


We wouldn’t say that the treatment is a cure, or had the immediate effect we had hoped for, but its results have been seen in the long run and has been a worthwhile investment.