Angus 23 years – “Tell the world – it makes such a difference to life!”

Name Angus
Age 23 Years
Located Somerset
Problem Areas Stress, Reading Issues, Untidy Handwriting, Short Concentration Span, Poor Working Memory, Spelling, Confusion of Upper & Lower Case Letters when Writing, Unable to Write without Guidelines, Unsettled Behaviour, Frustration & Anxiety Problems, Low Self-Esteem
Finished Program January 2014

Angus had had learning difficulties ever since he was at school. He’d tried most things he knew of to try and help it, but with little success.


Background:         Dyslexia badly affected Angus’s school life as he could never concentrate and struggled to get any work done. He was always in trouble. Once he got to work things were better, but under pressure he became stressed easily. He had issues with concentration and struggled to read and write neatly. His struggle with reading was such that he’d read as little as possible. After having already tried programs such as Lightwave Stimulation and Auditory Integration he decided to enrol on the ALC program – it looked like the perfect cure….almost seemed too good to be true!! However it was unique as it gets to the base problem and sorts it out rather than trying to work alongside the problem.


The treatment itself was hard going, with a lot of strain on the eyes! But it wasn’t long compared with the life changing results.


 Areas Improved So Far: We noticed improvement straight away. His concentration improved straight away….by halfway through the course!! He was also a lot less stressful!! Plus his handwriting became neater (when not in a hurry!).


He says: “My spelling is better, my writing is loads better, and my concentration is loads loads better. I had not anticipated the change in my concentration. I hadn’t realised how much I didn’t concentrate!!! Especially in meetings.”


ALC Handwriting Sample 2

Whilst Angus’s first transcription has no guidelines and the second one does, 11 days later he was able to show extended memory, neater joined up handwriting and less spelling errors in his copying.


He adds, “I haven’t continued with any of the ALC exercises but I need to as I think my concentration has dropped a bit…..”


“I recommend the treatment because it does what they say it does!!! And makes such a difference to life!! I wish I could have done it before school now!!!


The treatment is expensive, but well worth it. Get on and tell the world about it as it can make such a difference to life!!!”