Amelie 19 years – “Absolutely the right thing to do.”

Name Amelie
Age 19 Years
Located Somerset
Problem Areas Reading, including reading music, number & letter reversals,  short concentration span, poor comprehension & spelling, motion sickness
Finished Program June 2015

Amelie is a wonderfully polite and sunny natured student. She has a great talent for music and is going on to study violin at Music College in September. Amelie has always needed to put in extra time and effort to achieve academically. At the same time Amelie also needed to invest more time to learn new pieces on her violin, sight-reading having been challenging and tiring for her.


Despite being in the middle of her A Level exams Amelie undertook the two-week treatment program and committed 110% to completing all the sessions and her homework as set.


By Session 6 of the program Amelie noticed that she was now seeing print with more clarity. Reading had become less tiring and she experienced a more effortless flow of information from her book.


Shortly after finishing the program Amelie´s violin teacher commented on the noticeable improvement in sight-reading. Amelie says that even fast passages have now lost the “daunting feel” about them.


Her maths tutor wrote the following to her mother:


Marie, I want to take this chance to tell you just how productive and fabulous the two days have been with Amelie. As her maths tutor, her progress stunned me and I can only put it down to the treatment she received during her half term – I was so surprised!! Having worked with her so intensively before and after her eye correction I must say that it was absolutely the right thing to do, to put her through it, even though it was time intense and in the middle of her exams.


Her concentration span has improved so much and her capacity to read, understand and work through a question has gone off the scale. I’ve always praised Amelie for her tremendous efforts throughout her studies but coupled now with the treatment she’s had, she has all the tools to succeed not only in her A levels, but also in any other challenge that life will throw at her.


Through our daily work with students we often come across dyslexic children, and often parents are completely unaware and simply assume their children are slow or below average. I’ve already set up a meeting with Lucy (owner of tutoring agency) and emailed her about it too, to raise awareness within the agency. She is intrigued, so I’ll make sure I tell her more about it.


Speak soon and have a wonderful weekend.


Kindest regards,