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Unique 2 Week Dyslexia Program



Tackle the root cause, get fast results.


Fix reading, spelling, concentration, memory & confidence issues & more





No more

- Fuzzy Words

- Moving Letters

- Rivers of Text

- 3D Writing


Read like never before!

Say Goodbye to

- Poor formation

- Mixed Case Letters

- Sloping Lines

- Incorrect Copying


Handwriting to be proud of!


"To our surprise she was given a main part in the end of year play. She remembered all her lines & there was a lot of them. I personally couldn't believe her performance, having thought the year before that she'll never be able to do this! It clearly surprised many others too!"

Olivia 10 years

"He has been attending Kumon classes for maths and this is paying off, his teacher is very pleased, because he has started to carry numbers in his head instead of writing down the carries. At the beginning of this year he definitely would not have been able to do this. "

Richard 11 years

- Self Doubt

- Nagging Thoughts

- Inferiority Complex

- Negative Affirmations


Walk Confidently -
Set New Records

Make A Thing of the Past

- Tantrums

- Angry Arguments

- Misunderstandings

- Missed Deadlines


Start Having
Conversations That
Make Sense

Take the Tears out of

- After School Hours

- Constant Chasing

- Overdue Assignments

- Nightly Struggles


Zero Homework


- Not too bad, when they
were just a bit behind?
- As time goes on and they
don't seem to be catching
up it's getting scary?
- Keep lagging behind, &
piling on extra work isn't the
answer? So what is?




Give your child a real chance to catch up!

Carlin 10 years -
"She just went way up in levels and in her reading and writing. Her last school report was really good – she was on target for everything and the teachers were very pleased with her progress. Before when her report came it was that she always made an effort, but she never got good grades."


Ted - 8 years -
"He was 18 months behind. Just one year after the ALC Treatment, & we had caught up on more than 18 months of schooling. We were then confirmed that ALC Treatment had worked and is still working!"


Elon - 11 years -
"We'd say, he'll have to stay back a year at least. He'll never be moving up, no way. Because when are we going to catch up all this lost time? And now he's just jumped."

Don't want your child to dread the morning?


Thought they were going to love school, at least everybody said they should. But now they seem to complain of having non-existent sicknesses too regularly. Friends ask how they like school, they either emphatically state "I hate school." Or fudge the response. Got this gut feeling that all is not well?


"Before Rebecca went to school everyone thought she would be fine. She had a large vocabulary & plenty of self-confidence. But she said she hated it. Friends would ask "How are you getting on at school Rebecca? Do you like it?" "No I hate it." would be the reply.

Rebecca 6 years

"Jack was getting nowhere at school & we had to physically dress him to get him there. He was becoming upset in class, & he didn't understand the work. He now loves school, before we were going through a terrible patch to even get him to school & to stay there."

Jack 12 years

Address your child's learning difficulties before their GCSE years


Worrying how they will cope with their GCSE's? Or maybe you've been advised not to expect too much. Are you trying to help them face those years with a pit in your stomach? No parent wants to set their child up for failure.

gcse years

"We wanted to address her problem areas - particularly with her GCSE's in view! Her ability to retain information improved, and her exams really proved it! Her actual combined results were 38 grades above what her predictions were supposed to be!"


Liberty 14 years

"I was very worried about how he was going to get through his exam years. After the program one of his teachers said "What have you done to him?!" Another said "I don't know what you've done - but it's worked!" His grades are now running at about 'C' level, before he would have struggled to get anything at all."

Kain 14 years
Worried about

- The Future

- Higher Education

- Employment

- Independence


Set your child's future in
the right direction.

The Future
"Even if it was ten times more expensive, I would recommend it to anyone with dyslexia."

Amy - Lancashire
"What I would like to reinforce is that this treatment was worth every single penny & minute that we put into it."
Max - Portsmouth
"We are very grateful and thankful for this huge change in Richard's life, & do not regret a penny of the treatment cost. "
Richard - Staffordshire
"Learning was such a chore that we were wasting the cost of the school fees. The treatment enables a life of attainment."
Aidan - Hampshire


Real world help for your logical next step.


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