Signs and Symptoms

The 12 Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Dyslexia

What are the common signs and symptoms of dyslexia?
Well, below we have listed possibly the 12 most common symptoms, however there are many more.
Why not take our free dyslexia test and see what you find?

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Signs & Symptoms before School

  • Slow to talk
  • May not crawl, but walks early
  • Persistent difficulty in dressing
  • Difficulty with shoe laces, buttons & getting clothes the right way around
  • Difficulty with catching, kicking, throwing, hopping & skipping
  • Excessive tripping, bumping into & falling over things

Signs & Symptoms at School

  • Poor organisational & time management abilities
  • Poor time keeping & time management
  • Poor reader, especially when reading aloud, omits or adds extra words.
  • Poor handwriting with many reversals & badly formed letters
  • Misunderstands or difficulty understand instructions
  • Low self-esteem & little confidence
  • Unable to concentrate for any period of time